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school psychologist

Intervening with troubled children of nursery and primary schools, the school psychologist involved in the fight against school failure, the other practitioners sides of the aid relationship.

The daily tasks of school psychologist

Often at the request of teachers, some parents, the school psychologist supports children in kindergartens and primary schools in difficulty. He works within a network including speech therapists and teachers of schools specialized in education and rehabilitation.

In schools, or the school psychologist observes students, evaluates the level of a class, tracks the pathological problems that can be varied: delayed speech, stuttering, abnormal behavior, violent reactions, relationship problems

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It gets difficult cases, by appointment, possibly several times, accompanied by their families. During these meetings, it paints a psychological assessment, reported on emotional maturity and cognitive development of the child, but does not follow up. But this can already overcome difficulties.

If necessary, he advises a rehabilitation or a psycho-therapeutic support and guide the child worm the most suitable professionals or centers.

If difficulties, emotional or intellectual, child prevent follow a normal classroom education, the psychologist may have to refer the child to a specialized class.

Sense of analysis and synthesis

The school counseling profession requires a master level training in psychology and a professional internship validated. The recruitment of psychologists of Education is by competition.

As part of the modernization of trades of Education, a unique body of psychologists of Education will be created in the fall of 2016. This new body will bring together school psychologist trades in the first degree and adviser to psychologist referral and information center directors and orientation in the second degree.

These professionals will be recruited by national competition with two tracks, one opening on the specialty "education, development and learning" and the other on the specialty "Education, development and consulting in educational and vocational guidance." The first external and internal competition psychologists of Education will be organized during the first half of 2017.

Where the school psychologist works?

The 170 candidates trained each year are not enough people to fill the vacancies left by the many retirements.

Professional evolution

The school psychologist can access on competition, management positions in the hierarchy of Education.


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