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Scholarships: what are the criteria? How much will you receive?

You apply for a student social dossier or are preparing to do so? Want to know if you are eligible for a scholarship based on social criteria, and if so, at what level?

The rate of your award is determined from the income and expenses of your family, based on a national scale. In addition, to get a scholarship based on social criteria, you must:

be a French national or national of a Member State of the European Union other than France, of a State party to the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation;

hold a French baccalauréat (or a degree or diploma admitted exemption or equivalency for enrollment in the first year of higher education)

be enrolled in a university or other higher education institution which entitles these scholarships

be aged under 28 on September 1 of the year of higher education, in the case of a first application for higher education grant on social criteria. From 28 years you will not have to interrupt your studies to continue to benefit from a grant. The age limit may be extended (eg civic service or one year by high child) and there is no age limit if you have a disability recognized by the Human Rights Commission and the autonomy of people with disabilities.

What income taken into account?

If you are still in charge of your parents, the exchange is regarded as additional support to the family and it is the income declared the year of application thereof are considered.

in case of separation or divorce, remarriage or cohabitation of parents,

for foreign students.

For students with an independent tax advice from the parents

The legislation has changed, your DSE can not be processed without the tax advice of your parents (who have an obligation under the Civil Code) except in the following cases:

married students or having entered into a civil partnership: the couple, the spouse or partner must have a monthly income equal to or exceeding 90% of net minimum wage and you must have established a separate joint tax return of your parents or legal guardian

Students with one or more fiscally dependent children and no longer on the tax return of your parents or legal guardian

students, aged 18 to 21, who receive social assistance benefits provided by the services of social assistance to children or aged over 21 years and former recipient of these benefits;

major students with the subject of a guardianship or delegation of parental authority during his minority

The charging points correspond to criteria such as the number of dependent children, the distance between the family home and place of study etc Each situation corresponds a number of charging points. At a total of load points is an income ceiling that determines the right to exchange. If you get a level 0, you will be exempted from payment of fees in public institutions and the payment of the contribution to the student social security. You can make a simulation of your right to exchange.

if you are students Terminal, do not expect the results of the baccalaureate to make your request grants on social criteria.

the award is granted annually, so do not forget to renew your application via the social student file each year an internet registration between January 15 and May 31 To do: Prepare your social dossier

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