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Revisions and D-Day: any advice for a successful exam!

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Tray takes planning. And the sooner the better! In addition to records of revisions and subjects and corrected the tray, we offer in this category, many tips and methods to optimize your revisions. Discover also what to expect on the day, and all the tips for you to make a good copy at the baccalaureate 2017.

At the end of the year, you pass the Bac This may seem far but time will pass very quickly. So better start organizing your revisions as soon as possible.

Here you will find tips about when to start and how to optimize your revisions throughout the year, as well as a recap in computer graphics.

Discover also the program that we have specially concocted for holidays of Christmas, February and Easter.

Some tuition agencies also offer special packages Tray: what are they? Does it worth it? We tell you everything.

All the materials are not prepared in the same way. So we asked teachers to give you their best advice for the review of the test:

Economics and Social Sciences

To help you put the odds on your side, markers unveil what they expect from your copy We also found some graduates who had honors or very good so they give you all their tricks.

For methodological follow the guide: whether for concrete review of records or the art of making a good essay. And find out which are the best places to review, or how to boost your memory!

>> EXCLUSIVE: See our video tutorials to review the tray

And who said that the revisions would be tiresome! Here everything is done best on social networks, particularly Twitter, and on the big screen thanks to the cinema, but also a selection of Quiz and MCQ, and the criteria for choosing its mobile app in order to combine the useful and enjoyable!

At the trials approach, here are some very practical advice to gain points, be it in French, written or oral, philosophy, mathematics, history, geography, language or economics and social. And our 5 tips to make the final straight and the last-minute revisions.

Mathematics, Series S

The days pass and you here the day before the examination: take stock of the imperatives of last minute, including the list of cases that you must, you are authorized or that it is forbidden to bring with you examination room

To review, it is important to be in shape. Sleep and nutrition, time management, sport: do not neglect any aspect if you want to be on top! Look for example what to put on his plate. And to combat stress, why not use techniques of Qi Gong.

Here it is, the long awaited moment – and feared – has arrived. In a few moments you will face your copy. Small detail but important: how do you dress to be comfortable, both written and oral?

Heck! In the rush, you forgot your invitation, or unexpected in transport that you are late: what to do?

The subject is distributed to you: Here are some tips to approach this moment with serenity. Courage in a few hours it will be over and you can view the corrected proofs offered free MCAT prep online. But you already know from when you can get out of the examination room?

The tests are completed, next step: the results. If you’re catching up, nothing is lost but must return to the path of the revisions. How are the tests? What subjects to choose? We give you tips for successful oral for the 2nd (last) opportunity.

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What to do with or without the tray

Whether you are in second grade and do not know what series the tray select, or terminal and you hesitate on the post-bin path to take, you will find valuable information to guide you in your orientation.

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