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Reorient without losing a year: it is possible!

You got lost in inappropriate or studies have found your way to the future? You can now think of a reorientation and win a year in your curriculum. And yes, you can earn a year with the shifted revenue. University short courses, business schools and engineering, specialized schools you get all tracks to dig!

Par Julie Milk

Holders of Bac, BTS or DUT students, or disappointed with a Grade 1 license: institutions now offer 2nd revenues at all levels of study. The principle ? Start a course during the year, usually in January or February, and follow the same curriculum as students who returned in September. Integrate training in staggered back, so it’s still the best way not to lose a year! The bravest can even consider doing this year alternating study.

Whether you are looking for a more suitable training for your project or want to resume studies after a fruitless job search, the advantage is that with this system you will save time. These offset inflows make it possible to take more time for reflection.

Receipts offset growing

Schools that offer in-year revenues are now more numerous and only confined to the commercial sector. Suddenly, everyone and all sectors are concerned: Bachelors Degree 1 and already engaged in a die will be able to turn to a BTS, a prep artistic or business school or engineering.

Holders of Bac + 2 / + 3 further schools of business and engineering, will choose to incorporate a special school.

Some possibilities exist even for +4 who find programs related to their specialty and recruiting to their level.

Rhythmic year

Much be clear: win a year’s study involves some sacrifices! Most schools offer a second comeback ask you to catch what other students have seen and learned since October, to start the next school year with them. Also, expect a pace of work, with weeks loaded and intensive periods during the holidays. Other schools will ask you a few months of additional study to graduate in offset to the students of classical studies.

The key lies in your motivation! Although admission requirements depend on each school, they rarely differ from the usual process: review of school records, motivational interview, possibly tests or contests.

– To redirect in December / January: specialized curriculum

To shift to a business school, it is possible: with IPAG Business School, the return is (also) in February

"These revenues offset meet the expectations of young people who do not want to lose a year before re" – Interview Schools Pigier

"Students in 2nd inflows are often the best!" – Interview with ITIC Paris

"If redirect is not a failure, on the contrary!" – Interview

"Bridges are truly possible between the worlds of medicine and engineering" – Interview EPF

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