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Reorient January: short courses (BTS / DUT)

Some BTS and DUT hold of inflows year for students who wish to reorient in a short and professional training. Learn what your options!

Think you’re done more for short study tours to the professionalization and concrete projects, with a reinforced frame? Opt for a BTS or a DUT! These courses are a good choice to refocus and start afresh.

Enjoy university partnerships

As part of the active orientation, more and more universities are developing partnerships, including with the IUT are integrated structures at the university. These gateways relate in particular DUT Business Management and governments, Information, Networks and Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering and Industrial IT.

Thus the DUT Thermal Engineering and Energy of the IUT of the University of Marne-la-Vallée (UPEM) offers a staggered end back in January for all students with no training or wish to refocus.

SUIO the University of Strasbourg summarized all these possibilities, at national level, in a document that you can view by clicking here.

Other universities have approached the education authorities and collaborate with schools in the region offer BTS. One way to put students who are not satisfied with their orientation before they completely drop out, or lose a full year. This is the case for example of the University of Burgundy has signed an agreement with the school Montchapet in Dijon, for 12 places in BTS Assistant manager. In Paris, the UPMC (Paris VI) launched in collaboration with the CFA INSTA the Gateway device. After further education of a semester, students have access to a BTS, a professional license or alternatively pursue a general license in the field of computing.

There are also a number of higher education institutions in the private, offering BTS revenues in many specialties, especially in the tertiary.

The list of available courses

Here is a table which lists a number of courses offering returns in January / February, and the terms of admission and the procedure to register.

ETS (European School) Paris

BTS Commerce International, BTS Communication, BTS Negotiation Customer Relations, BTS Business Management, BTS Tourism, BTS CGO – Accounting and Organisational Management, BTS Assistant Manager, BTS Bank – Option Individual customers, BTS Real Estate Professions, BTS SIO option SISR BTS SIO option SLAM

Janot & High Schools Curie

BTS Business Management (BTS MUC)

BTS Accounting and Management Organizations (BTS CGO)

BTS Human Resources Management Assistant (BTS AG)

IT Paris Eiffel Paris

To shift to a business school, it is possible: with IPAG Business School, the return is (also) in February

"These revenues offset meet the expectations of young people who do not want to lose a year before re" – Interview Schools Pigier

"Students in 2nd inflows are often the best!" – Interview with ITIC Paris

"If redirect is not a failure, on the contrary!" – Interview

"Bridges are truly possible between the worlds of medicine and engineering" – Interview EPF

New MSc in Data Analytics & Digital Business at EDHEC

ESDES developing its offering alternating with a major new "Marketing and Digital Business"

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