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Registration details in an American university

The most convenient solution for the student wishing to study in an American university is to go as part of an exchange program between her home university and the partner university. For students taking this choice, there are different programs: the Fulbright commission, MICEFA (Interuniversity Mission for the Coordination of Franco-American exchanges) and ISEP (International student exchange program). The Fulbright Commission (Franco-American Center for Educational Exchange) has a documentation center and advisers to guide you in the best steps to take, the choice of universities and possible equivalents.

You should know that must prepare its bid more than a year in advance to be able to study in the United States!

Check with the International Office of your university to take note of the agreements with US universities.

To access and enter one of the American universities, the selection is more than severe: academic record, admission tests, cover letters and recommendation will be claimed.

After being informed of programs and disciplines offered by the university, you will have to start preparing the academic record which will include the results obtained by the student (better they are, the better!), The letter of motivation and various letters of recommendation you have been harvested. You must wager the maximum on your application: it will be your key to be admitted in American schools. Your other asset, which is also more of a necessity than an asset: your good command of the language. Because to study in the United States, it is essential to have validated the TOEFL (Test of English foreign language), you can not escape it!

The phase of the intake and selection tests

To integrate an undergraduate curriculum, universities can make you pass the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) and ACT (American College Test) used to assess knowledge in English and maths. These tests apply to both American students and foreign. Note that students who have completed 2-3 years of higher education do not need to pass these tests.

To integrate a master or doctoral courses, students must pass the test of GRE (Graduate Record Examination) which covers the same subjects as the SAT and ACT, but with a higher level. Regarding the MBA, students are subjected to the test of the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) instead of the GRE.

If you are accepted, you can always check with the International Office (Foreign Students Office) and especially go to briefings and reception of new students. This is an opportunity to meet American students and begin to practice the language!

All these tests are available in France (excluding ACT). Check the list of centers to pass the SAT on

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