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Registration and admission requirements CIUP

Registration and admission requirements CIUP

The International University City of Paris is a small paradise coveted but difficult to access.

Only students under thirty years with at least a university-level second cycle and being enrolled in a higher education institution (college or university) under the Academies of Paris, Créteil or Versailles, can apply. Admissions are renewable annually and the maximum stay is three years.

Trainees residents:

• have been employed for at least two years;

• an internship required for the development of his career or be enrolled in a 3rd cycle linked to the professional activity;

• the stay must be at least three months and two years.

Candidates whose nationality is represented by a house, should contact these houses to fill an application form. The other candidates are directed to the Admissions Office of the National Foundation:

You can withdraw your folder from April 1 until the end of May, all year round for students and postdocs. You can apply online:

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