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Register from June to September in BTS or DUT

You want to direct you to a short training type BTS or DUT? The opportunities to enroll this summer and through September is still high. What specialties are available? How to proceed ? Where institutions? We tell you everything!

BTS and DUT still opportunities

post-baccalaureate training in two years, the BTS and the DUT are recognized and appreciated by recruiters. They offer a good way to bachelors, general, technological and professional, acquire technical expertise in one of the numerous specialties: trade, industry, IT, communication, social, chemistry, etc.

To find out, use our search engine that lets you find all facilities and training that still recruit, whatever your level! To you to select your criteria: by degree or dominant, but also city the engine will give you access to over a thousand bin level training + 2, bac + 3, bac + 4 and Bac + 5! )

Wherever you live in France you can find a hotel offering one of these formations. IUT side, the 80 French universities all have one or more IUT (eg the University of Montpellier has three IUT Beziers, Nimes, Sète) that provide more each DUT.

The IUT of Aix-Marseille University also offers an originality: DUT GEA hosts are holding a bac + 2 who wish to reorient to the business of management, for special training in 1 year.

BTS side, the offer is even more bloated! Indeed, this training is available in public high schools but also in many private institutions. And whatever the chosen school, you are guaranteed to get the same quality of education and the same degree of state at the output.

It’s the eternal question of high school seniors who have not got their Bac. So yes, follow a BTS without the tray, it is possible, and it tells you how.

From 24 June to 9 September, the portal Admission Post Bac sets up the additional procedure. It caters to those who did not follow the normal procedure, those who have received no proposal at admission or phases that are not satisfied and want to try something else. Here you will find listed all institutions that still have places to offer in BTS and DUT. And many are following the phases of admissions and withdrawals that follow. So many opportunities provided a little mobile!

But do not be limited to BPA, especially if you want to integrate a BTS. Many schools are not integrated into the portal and handle themselves manage their registrations BTS. Among them are:

of business and management schools: ITIC, ICOGES, ITIS Training, isifa Group, the ESICAD Campus IGS mix, the Group ETCH, ISEE, GEM, Diderot Course

art schools: Condé schools or ITECOM

and other environmental sciences as Tecomah and HES in health as ISO.

To follow a BTS International Trade at the European common reference is to the INTS Paris that you can turn.

If this is the international trade and export are interested in, lean toward the ESVE who registered until mid-September, including its BTS International Trade.

For DUT, they go through PDB, so it’s more complicated, but some recruits in parallel because they are on training little popular, yet carriers: and include the DUT and GEII QLIO IUT Angoulême.

If there is not necessarily a drastic selection at the entrance of a BTS or DUT, institutions will seek to ensure that you have made the right choice of direction, and possibly test your motivation. Generally, schools ask to see your academic record (penultimate and final papers) and your results bin (when they are available).

You will also sometimes asked to provide a letter or an interview. In this case, no stress! Try to anticipate some questions that we can ask (why choose this course? What is your career plan? What are your strengths?) And have to provide answers in case your academic record would a little low and would show behavior problems or punctuality.

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