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Register DUT attention to the calendar!

Your choice is made, it must now register. If you hesitate between one or more DUT in, you need to apply in each section. And for that, do not drag: Registration begins in January.

As with almost all training under the Ministry of Education, high school students who wish to integrate a DUT must register on the portal .

Registration will run from January to March (from 20 January to 20 March in general). You can make up to twelve greeting DUT.

To find your training, the portal offers a whole lot of information about institutions and courses they offer. But do not hesitate to go there, during the open days organized in the month of February with the IUT. On the program: visit of the premises, meeting with students and teachers A crucial step that allows you to familiarize with the ambient atmosphere and the course of your future studies.

From January 20 to April 2: sending paper files

The selection is based on academic record: notes and penultimate and final appraisals are taken into account and you may have to go through tests and an interview. You have until April 1 to form your paper files and send them to institutions. Please note, you will need to print for each application before March 20 at midnight your greeting card and attach the file.

First phase of admission: Thursday, June 7 14h to 14h Tuesday, June 12

Register, it’s good, but it will then your application is accepted and you validating it. Know that you have a period of 72 hours to respond to a possible proposal. If you do not respond, each phase before 14 am, you will be permanently eliminated (e).

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