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Reform 1st year of medicine (PCEM1): 1 License to health

The bill establishing the common first year to medical health studies, pharmacy, dentistry and for midwives and creation of 4 separate competitions that will allow students to choose to attend one or more competitions as their desire was finally adopted in July 2009.


On nearly 57 000 students, L1 Health will enter into force in September 2010 and the other measures to promote the reorientation of students at the end of the first half or the first year, another key measure of this reform will applied to the 2012-13 school year. Objective: to reduce the failure rate in the first year of health studies. Only 20% of students manage to cross the course of PCEM1 and 27.6% in pharmacy: these competitions have always highly selective and well vocations stopped in the climate of tension and anxiety that exists within the medical faculties and pharmacy.

The establishment of the L1 Health at UBO

Marc Debraekeleer, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine University of Western Brittany.

"The educational reflection on the content of teaching units is completed. We still need to work on consultation pharmacy EU with the University of Rennes.Les terms will be subject to a beginning of the year then the board CEVU (board of education and university life) and the Board of ‘administration. On a more "practical", we will provide students a third auditorium which will be connected to the other two via audiovisual means. We welcome, therefore, more students in the first year of L1 Health. As for the possibilities of reorientation, we have begun discussions, particularly with the Faculty of Science and the IUT department of biology. "

1 common year, 4 separate competitions

Without questioning the principle of competition and the numerus clausus, the reform aims to create first year of Licence Health (L1) common to health studies for 4 sectors: medical, dental, pharmaceutical and midwife.

This first year will include a common teaching in 4 specialties and specific courses for each specialty. Students will have the opportunity to follow all or part of the teachings and thus to register the corresponding contest that will be distinct. In other words, each student will have the opportunity, if they wish, to register for the contest 4. One way to allow candidates to try the same medicine and pharmacy time and avoid default orientation "odonto" or midwife. By integrating, health education in the LMD system, students can capitalize ECTS credits and fork if needed to other sectors.

Right to remorse

Indeed, and it’s greatest feature of the reform of the opportunity for students to redirect after the first semester or first year. Repetition will be reserved for "those who will benefit from" the others will be redirected to the sectors of their choice and will return after two or three years of license. The text also establishes the principle of allowing access gateways in the second or third year of medical studies, dental or pharmaceutical or midwives for candidates’ justifying certain grades, degrees or diplomas. " The example of literary, legal or from the Grandes Ecoles hold a Master 2 or PhD was advanced. Admission should be on file review, complete with motivational talks.

The text also provides a "right to remorse" for students who have completed two years of study in one of four health sectors, and would like to shift to one of the other three sectors.

In practice

All universities concerned are therefore preparing to open a health license in the coming year. Pedagogical reflection on the teachings of the various sectors units completed or about to be. Not without difficulty as it is now to reconcile the teachings of medicine, dentistry with those of pharmacy. Some universities have already anticipated. Example 2 in Bordeaux, where the university has planned to establish common and specific lessons for each industry: medicine, dentistry, midwifery and pharmacy. Students will integrate the 1st year of License and Health will be included by default in all sectors and will confirm the end of the 1st semester or competitions they wish to spend. Since September 2009, the "Bordeaux Medical School" replaces the previous 3 Medical Faculty (medicine, dentistry, midwifery) with an overhaul of the teachings. The collaboration of these three streams remain separate again this year but the competition of Pharmacy for the first time, part of the teachings of the 1st year of medicine will be shared with those of the 1st year of pharmacy.

L1 Health: UJF anticipates as of September 2009

Bernard Sele, Dean of the Medical Faculty, Vice President Health UJF Grenoble.

"Since 2009, we offer a shared educational program for students in first year of medicine and pharmacy, the 2010 competition he remains unchanged this year. We also wanted to take advantage of the dynamics of innovative educational reform introduced in 2006 for the first year of medicine at Grenoble-based learning, to succeed in this new stage. Another priority of the reform will be to provide additional means for failure to contest, to organize a more effective reorientation of scientific graduates, now representing 38% of 2350 new entrants in the first year to the license dies other training areas. "

Medicine: a sMOOC "Successful competition" by Galen group

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