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Refocus after a prep class: it is possible!

intense pace, too theoretical, notes in free fall, you no longer want to keep your prep? How to recover?

First of all, remove yourself from the idea that reorientation or abandonment automatically mean failure. Many fond memories of their years of prepa who provided a real added value in terms of working methods. So take advantage of your skills!

Join University

The university can afford to bounce in your chosen discipline (law, economics, literature & languages, humanities, science ). The "prépas" can indeed benefit "equivalence" with the university system. Agreements signed between institutions facilitate gateways to different undergraduate years (L1, L2, L3).

Consider registering administratively at a university in parallel, even if the ECTS implementation can you avoid this. Indeed, if you have shown tenacity still in prep, you get these ECTS credits (30 for the first semester, 60 for two). If you "Cubez" pass university exams to validate your 180 credits. Two years of prep only granting the maximum 120 credits. So, if you fail the contest, you can integrate a master 1.

The DUT and BTS

The BTS and the DUT are also worth exploring for anyone wishing to branch off after the rather general studies towards a professional specialization. Some IUT have a "special year" of DUT, created to respond to the bac students request +2 keen to follow a new direction or further training.

Most graduates of DUT and BTS choose to continue their education after bac +2, professional license, for example, and reach a level bac +3 allowing them either to enter the labor market or to continue in master.

A school at all costs

For important thing, if you are planning to integrate a high school after your prep, note that strong (e) your diploma (Vocational Bachelor, Master), you can always apply again in a great school, the path parallel admissions (or titles).

Alternatively, join a management school and business or engineering, which recruits after the tray. However, few of them with students during the year, so you need to go through the competition box spring. Management schools and post-baccalaureate trade have the particularity to offer three output levels: Tray 3, Tray 4 and Tray 5. Many schools are grouped into common competition (Access, Link Pass Sesame Team EGC or Bachelor, Bachelor Ecricome and Atout +3) to recruit candidates. Most post-baccalaureate engineering schools organize, too, a common selection (competition Advance, Alpha, Future, Eni and Geipi-Polytech, Insa, Power 11 or UT).

Note that no repetition is allowed in the first year of prep, except in very exceptional cases. However, in science, certain engineering schools admit candidates after a sup math. This is the case, for example, ISA Lille who admits prépas BCPST / Vet 1 and admitted prépa BPCST / Vet 2 2nd year of Eni Tarbes which mainly admits PTSI.

Good to know

CPGEs fall within the framework of European harmonization of qualifications. In other words, a preparation year grant followed 60 ECTS credits, and validated two full years, 120 credits. These credits allow you to integrate a license 2 (L2) after a first year of prep or license 3 (L3), after the second year. Moreover, the 2013 Framework Act for Higher Education intends to improve the orientation and continuing education of high schools by creating a continuum of the second to the license, by strengthening ties with high schools with, among others, CPGE.

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