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The climber pruner / La-climber pruner is responsible for maintaining trees. He / she ensures that they blend harmoniously with their environment while providing the necessary care.

The daily life of a pruner

Perched high above the ground for many hours, the pruner is not afraid of heights! This professional will not cut tree climbing for the fun of climbing. Its role is to maintain plants. Before working, he studied the site, selects techniques to use its equipment and preparing accordingly. He then directed the maintenance pruning operations but it can also take care of the slaughter of certain trees or consolidation. Activities that require absolute security. This is why the pruner has its personal protective equipment and ensure the safety of its employees and bystanders.

Aesthetics and care

This love nature as much research the aesthetic that the protection of trees. This is why it practice what is called "reasoned cut" or "intaglio", that is to say in respect of the tree. In addition, it adapts its activity in the seasons (sap flow in spring, fall leaves in autumn). He watches the weather and protects the trees if necessary.

To become a tree surgeon, it is necessary to get the certificate of specialization size and tree care. This one-year course in learning is accessible to holders of a CAP or Bac pro in agriculture.

The professional cut is generally used in pruning companies or landscapers. There are also some places in forest contractors or local authorities such as city halls.

Professional evolution

After a few years of experience, the pruner can acquire more responsibilities and become a team leader or foreman. It is also possible to create his own company.

A beginner professional began his career at SMIC.

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