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PROGRESS HEALTH 15 years of experience and success

The school develops HEALTH PROGRESS 15 years of specialized training in paramedical and social field.

Our strengths lie in: • Quality education with experienced teachers

• A personalized with an educational referent

Success rate: an average of 80% on each BTS

→ For non-scientists

All our courses are accessible whatever your Bachelor (Bac ES, L, STI, ST2S, STG, STA).

The proposed courses are suitable: higher volumes hourly, non-science students classes (prep competition), upgrade training in mathematics (BTS Optician Lunetier), preparatory class for making scientific level (BTS Diet).

The goal is to offer everyone, whatever their journey, a real chance of success for the competition / BTS which it is part.

→ For non-graduates

Our training Caregiver Support and Auxiliary Nursery are accessible to anyone with an equivalent level of study than at the end of the third (GCSE).

→ For employees

We have set up preparatory classes for the contest Nurse, Caregiver and child care assistant for employees to meet demand increasingly strong retraining.


An administrative team of 10 people at your disposal.

A teaching team of 50 experienced and available teachers.

o the online entry of the application on and sending scanned documents by email ( or by mail

COME MEET: Every day from 9am to 18pm without appointment, from July 2, 2013 for further information on our courses.

"Bridges are truly possible between the worlds of medicine and engineering" – Interview EPF

Becoming a pharmacist: six years of studies

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