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Founded in 2000, the professional license is attracting more and more students. I must say that this diploma level bac + 3 very practice-oriented and specialization, can boost their employability. Above all there are more than 2000 in many sectors. Training content, opportunities, admission: we tell you everything!

Professional license (LP) is a level bac + 3, which is preparing for the university in the IUT, but also increasingly in schools, provided that they have partnered with a university. Over a period of one year (two semesters), the LP is available after a bac + 2 and can be carried in original or alternate. It is possible to undertake part of the training (course and / or internships) abroad.

The LP is becoming increasingly popular with students and businesses. There are well over 2000 in France which cover a wide range of professional sectors: agricultural and industrial production, business and management, accounting, communication, tourism, services to people and communities, culture and arts, etc. Above all, be aware that each training is developed in close collaboration with local industry professionals to meet the needs of employers, guaranteeing solid opportunities.

And if you’ve read this far now not enough for you, here are 5 reasons to convince you to follow a professional license after a bac + 2!

By specialty, training may be between 400 and 1000 hours of classes, which are divided into theoretical and practical. The training also includes periods of work experience, between 12 and 16 weeks (if not alternating), and the completion of a supervised project. Part of the lesson is given by professionals, who also participate in the development of training.

Pro License: successful study and exams

The validation of the professional license is usually done through continuous assessment and end of semester examinations (partial). Moreover, the course and tutored project lead to the development of a memory and an oral presentation, which also count in the middle ..

In theory, one must have validated two years of higher education (120 ECTS credits) to integrate a professional license. But in reality, this diploma is more for students who have completed a BTS or a DUT in a compatible field with the required specialization, and less to the 2 degree students or prep classes.

To register, you must go to college a few months before school starts. Selection is then on the academic record and motivation, and may sometimes include tests and an interview. Note that in the case of alternation, we must also find a host company.

By definition, professional license leads to employment. This course provides students indeed expertise, specialization and a very popular practice of employers). The insertion rate speak for themselves: almost 90% of graduates find employment within 5 months of leaving.

But it is increasingly common to see graduates continue their education. Their choice: head a master 1, skills training or try to integrate a business school or engineering school via the parallel admissions. However, admission requires a solid case and your workout!

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This guide reviews all the legal terms of the alternation. It tells you how to choose the right training and find your home business (write a cover letter, a CV ). It also offers concrete solutions to combine theoretical and employee responsibilities.

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