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Prepa Sciences-Po: 4 tips for choosing good

Faced with the growing success of the contest or Sciences Po Paris Political Studies Institute (IEP) region, the prépas multiply. Public, private, online, during the evening or intensive prépas 4 basic tips on choosing his prep Sciences Po.


The competition Sciences Po Paris is only available to graduates, so you will need to follow a preparation for the terminal or from the 1st! In contrast, other IEP are accessible tray + 1. In all cases, it is the essential criteria to which everyone instantly thinks: the rate (displayed) for admission to the competition and, of course, price. But are they the only relevant when choosing a preparation to the IEP? A comparable results and prices, how to choose?

1. Know all the possibilities

A distance, full-time, evening classes There are many options and prépas at Sciences Po. The best way to choose is to do it knowingly. And the choices are many:

Hypokhâgne option Sciences Po your schedule – already loaded – to be completed by 6-8 weekly hours to contest the IEP.

Academics prépas: Some universities offer preparatory classes, is for example the case in Lille 3, Marne-la-Vallée or Montpellier 3 Reassuring for you: no year lost in case of failure, you can validate a first year of university.

Courses and evening courses: preparation courses, evening classes You can prepare the competition while maintaining academic or professional activity. Private organizations propose them, most notably IPESUP-Prepasup and ISTH. Some schools also offer preparation courses during the holidays. This is the case of the Lycée des Francs Bourgeois in Paris and the Lycée du Parc in Lyon.

Online: CNED French Documentation or even through one or more MOOC, several possibilities exist. And provided knowledge to organize, online prépas are also the least expensive

Price, distance, displayed success rate in the competition You’ll understand that many factors come into play when choosing a preparation. Define what is most important to you: the prep is classified, but you will have hundreds of kilometers per day? Certainly the price is interesting, but the pace may not suit you? "When preparing a competition, all the time spent commuting or stewardship must be minimized" advocates Nicolas Guerrero, Professor of prep and author of "Preparing Sciences Po". So do not underestimate the energy and precious time saved by staying, for example, live with your parents. Would not it be better a preparation with results slightly worse, but near you? Fatigue is thus a factor to consider. Another example: if you live away from your prep, choose intensive courses on a short term – even if you stay with friends – rather than annual prep that will require you to multiply the trips.

Equal opportunities, think IEPEI!

A joint project with the IEP of Aix-en-Provence, Lille, Lyon, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse to prepare the common competition and "help students of modest means in the pursuit of higher education by providing a first overview of the requirements actual university that will determine their immediate future. "

Just as it is important to target your priorities, you have to know you! A remote prepa – for example that of the province of IEP: IEP Springboard – is both cheap and leaves you flexibility in your schedule. Be careful though to be sure of your discipline and your motivation! Not always easy to organize its work alone. Similarly, if they leave time for anything else, evening courses require a strong motivation: to leave the course or his work to return to work can be difficult. Not counting staff time that will be added. Understand, then you need to choose the prep for your level of knowledge, the way you work, your character. Choose between an annual or summer prep is another example. If you can work independently, you will have no problem to follow a preparation during the summer vacation. However, some will appreciate having – during the seven months leading to competition – appointments and regular work to keep pace and motivation.

Know who you are dealing with! 3 paths to explore without moderation: the website of a preparation, its doors open and its teaching team. The open houses will allow you to learn about rhythm and pedagogy. It will also be an opportunity to meet the teachers. N. Guerrero, "a good teacher must teach the student beyond knowledge. Ability to effectively and constructed argument Ideally, the teaching team must consist of a share of experienced teachers, who know very well the contest and requirements; on the other, younger teachers, because they have had no very long time, can take the place of students and are still in a logic of competition. " Do not overlook the websites they are now very comprehensive, including pedagogy. They will help you feel if corresponds to the way you work and your character.

All Contest annals are online Bankexam

As for booksellers: the book "Preparing Sciences Po" of Nicolas Guerrero.vous offers to assist you in your reviews.

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