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Pharmacy Study: 4 years of internship

Students admitted to the boarding school choice, according to their ranking position, between two courses leading to 4 DES (specialized studies). The sector specialized biological sciences with DES of Medical Biology (joint sector studies of Medicine and Pharmacy) leads to biologists positions in medical laboratories. The die specialty pharmaceutical sciences, it concerns 3 OF. DES Hospital Pharmacy and communities need to become a pharmacist hospitals. It also allows access to public assistance quarries (Inspector of Health, consultant pharmacist Social Security ). DES Industrial and Biomedical Pharmacy leads to careers in the pharmaceutical industry (manufacturing, testing, control ). DES specialized pharmacy opens access to research or teaching.

Parallel to their hospital functions, internal pharmacy receive practical and theoretical training. Their status is the same as for internal medicine. Whatever the chosen course, you will validate 8 half courses at the hospital and support a memory in lieu of thesis. On leaving the boarding room for opportunities! But some prefer to play extra time. This is the case of future hospital practitioners for whom a professional master or research is welcome!


"The pharmacy studies could both bring me some techniques and medical knowledge"

Clement is Merviel internal pharmacist in medical biology.

"I wanted a science-intensive profession and helpful to others. The field of health is naturally imposed. At the end of first year, I already wanted to point me to the path of the boarding with medical biology specialty. From the second round, so I chose the teaching units preparing me for the boarding competitions. The second attempt was the right to access the specialty of my dreams. Today I hesitate: will I work in the laboratories of public or private medical analysis?

If the private sector is more financially attractive, the public sector appears, meanwhile, intellectually more attractive by the possibility of teaching and research activities. I do not care for markets, the profession is full of advantages. First, the uniqueness of the degree that authorizes the exercise of officinale pharmacy, and this, regardless of the industry followed. An industrial chemist or biologist pharmacist can always he wants to own his shop. "

Medicine: a sMOOC "Successful competition" by Galen group

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