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Pharmaceutical delegate

The (the) representative (e) pharmaceutical performs the promotion and sale of pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical with health professionals (pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians ).

The pharmaceutical business delegate

essential link in the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical representative, or trade commissioner, is responsible specifically for the negotiation (price / volume, terms of sale, delivery) and the sale of products in the range.

In this perspective, it is developing a sectoral action plan (targeting, means, promotional tools ) from the national and regional targets, sets the price, issues the order, trading volumes, mode and time of delivery following the procedures of the laboratory that employs him.

More than a commercial counselor

Moreover, the pharmaceutical representative informs and answers questions (characteristics, against-indications, incremental benefits) pharmacists of the pharmacy team and other customers, products or services marketed by the laboratory.

Its clientele is wide. This professional and markets products to dentists, veterinarians, pharmacies. He eventually advise on merchandising appearance and resale of products.

Constant monitoring

After passing by customers, the administrative part of its business ahead. He has to follow orders, billing and customer account. But also manage its stock of promotional tools.

It also analyzes the results against the objectives and implements, for greater profitability, corrective actions or development sector (congresses, corporate events ).

In addition, pharmaceutical representative collects from its customers, useful information in terms of pharmacovigilance and brought up in the hierarchy. Finally, it performs regular work competitive intelligence on behalf of management.

The training how to become a pharmaceutical representative

Pharmaceutical companies mainly recruit Tray 2 (BTS, DUT particular) to scientific dominant.

Specialized schools providing education and training in a few months, after the ferry, also preparing for this job.

For example, School Health Partner Group (GEMS Grouping of Schools of Health Professionals, private status, registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) School of Health via the certification partner MEDCOMM eligible Account Personnel and Training registered in the Activity Centre of Resources for Information on education Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur), provides a pharmaceutical Delegate training, as certified by the State, approved RNCP, level III (BOM 1969) or level 5 (European classification), professional certification required by recruiters laboratories for the year Delegate business (e) Pharmaceuticals.

This one five-month, one-month professional immersion (practical training in pharmacy or pharmaceutical company) can acquire business skills in the pharmaceutical industry (sales techniques, marketing, stress management ) of medical knowledge (health care, anatomy, physical examination ) and pharmaceutical (pharmacology, circuits in the pharmaceutical chain, the drug and its regulation ) essential to the job.

After their training, students can, if they wish, choose from three options "Veterinary Delegate", "hospital CEO," or "dental Delegate". This title is available after the tray according to the profiles, in initial training or through VAE, CPF or CIF.

What are the opportunities for the pharmaceutical representative?

man field, the pharmaceutical representative spends much of his time in his car and must adapt to the times, sometimes elastic, its customers. He must demonstrate high availability.

France is one of the leading European producers of drugs, one of the world’s leading exporters and also one of the biggest consumers of medicines in Europe returned to its inhabitants. This business is growing, with the development of generics, dietary supplements, the oral

The opportunities are many and varied. Moreover, 80-90% of graduates of the School Health are employed in the two months following their training. The school offers its students a recruitment assistance.

Professional evolution

The pharmaceutical representative has access to positions of responsibility in the commercial sector: sector manager, area sales manager It can also become, after several years of experience, network trainer.

Compensation is rather attractive. (On) a delegate (e) junior pharmaceutical earns about 1,800 euros gross per month, plus commissions.

With experience, the technical sales of health can expect about 50 000 € 60 000 annual gross.

A graduate of School Health wins between 1800 and 2500 euros gross per month in early career.

The health professions guide

The guide lists the French landscape of the health professions. He lists, in the retail, every medical profession and paramedics as well as training and qualifications for access. It specifies all the possibilities of exercise: in the hospital or in private, in public or private community, in research or in humanitarian.

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