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Performing Arts

Artists and technicians passion these trades deserve and often do retain the best. Although the talented self-taught abound, better form in order to increase its chances of success. The dies are many and varied, we make the point for you.

Do not miss a unique opportunity to discover the many businesses in this sector and training leading to it: the Salon des Arts Training-Mode-Design and Luxe.

If you already know in high school you want to direct you to an artistic industry, general and technological route offers opportunities, starting with the Techniques series of music and dance (TDG). Knowing that it is not universal and is reserved for those who already have a very good level in one of the two disciplines.

You can also opt for technological STD2A series to whet your artistic sense, even if it is more visual and plastic arts. Finally, if you opt for another series because you’re not sure of your orientation, you can take an artistic option tray (music, film, dance, circus ) to introduce you to these practices .

You see yourself working behind the scenes than on stage? Several courses of the vocational route possible to envisage a technician career, like the CAP Props Director Bac pro digital or electronic systems (Audiovisual Media option). To acquire a higher level without making lengthy studies, you can also refer you to the BTS Trades audiovisual which offers several options (trades of image, sound, editing and post-production, etc).

After a Bac STD2A MANAA or you can also opt for a DMA governed the show (crafts Diploma) which is prepared as part of a college of applied art.

Whether you dream of becoming an actor, musician, director or professional dancer, there are specialized schools that offer extensive training. These schools are either public such as national, regional and municipal conservatories (music, drama, etc.) or private (Cours Florent, Simon Course, Studio, School of the city, etc). The advantage conservatories is that they allow to validate a diploma with advanced standing, at license for the first cycle, master for the second cycle, but they are also very selective. They also help to prepare the State Diploma or aggregation, sesame essential to teach.

After high school, you can integrate a university degree Performing Arts. It comes in different disciplines and approaches (theater, music, dance, etc.), depending on the university but still structured around a theoretical approach, critical and practical. Warning though they are not officially subject to standard conditions, these chains are often limited number of places and therefore selective.

With a +2 pocket, the university can be a good NIOHC to integrate a professional license that you will acquire in one year specialization and practical skills (communication, leadership, animation, etc.).

Finally, if you are targeting a Bac + 5, you can continue towards a Master Performing Arts to specialize in one area (culture and mediation, international cooperation, communication, arts, literature, etc.) and professionalize you. Again, you have to demonstrate your motivation to get you.

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