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The / pediatrician is the specialist of children’s diseases and adolescent. He / she monitors the physical and psychomotor development of under 18 taking into account their needs, depending on their age and their family and social environment.

The daily life of a pediatrician

Its role is crucial: the pediatrician supports screening and disease prevention, provides parenting education to health care and currents. In addition, it administers mandatory vaccines.


The pediatrician receives appointment or emergency. It examines the sick child, usually accompanied by a parent. As his young patients can not always explain their symptoms, he must show a sense of observation flawless. At the same time, it informs and reassures parents. The pediatrician then a diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment. He treats common diseases of under 18 (chicken pox, tonsillitis, measles, otitis ). If heavier disease (heart disease, kidney, tumors or leukemia ) or technical acts such as X-rays or blood tests, He guides his young patients to hospital.

A preventive role

The pediatrician plays an important preventive role. He fights especially against obesity, physical inactivity, possible addictions and giving hygiene tips and food. The pediatrician can finally detect psychological difficulties. He then takes need to contact a teacher or a nursery manager to resolve.

What training follow?

After six years of studies common to all doctors, future pediatrician must pass the tests of the ECN (ranking national exam), then follow the four-year specialization in pediatrics. Some hospital pediatricians have an additional specialty in relation to the service in which they practice psychiatry, neonatology, Diabetology In total, ten years are needed to train in pediatrics.

Where working the pediatrician?

Pediatricians are steadily decreasing. In some areas, there is even talk of "pediatric desert." So there are opportunities for those who have the vocation. Especially since the retirements in the coming years promise many. In addition to private practice in office, the pediatrician can work in hospitals (hospital doctor then it is not official). The cases treated are generally more serious and require advanced knowledge. Some work in private clinics. In addition, doctors working in MCH centers (mother and child) are civil servants or contract within the territorial public service.

(On) a pediatrician, hospital doctor starts at € 3,500 gross monthly and collects approximately € 6500 gross monthly late career. In liberal, / the pediatrician earns an average of € 6,000 gross monthly.

The health professions guide

The guide lists the French landscape of the health professions. He lists, in the retail, every medical profession and paramedics as well as training and qualifications for access. It specifies all the possibilities of exercise: in the hospital or in private, in public or private community, in research or in humanitarian.

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