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Pass the CAPES

The CAPES is for those who wish to become a teacher in college or high school. Check out the modalities for organizing the content of the tests but also tips for success.

CAPES (the certificate of aptitude for teaching staff of secondary education) is for people who wish to practice the teaching profession in the secondary, that is to say in college or high school.

To sit for this, you must either be a Master or be enrolled in the first year of the Master MEEF (Professions Education, education, and training) which prepares within ESPE (Schools Graduate of the teaching and education). Note that the father and mother of three children, and the top athletes do not have an obligation to graduate to be eligible to sit the tests.

Registration for the contest takes place in the fall of academies sites. The tests take place in March-April for eligibility and then in May-June for admission. The findings are available online in July on academies sites. Find the contest calendar.

Whatever brought discipline, CAPES is based on the same format: two written tests of eligibility (1/3 of the final grade) and two oral exams for admission (2/3). However, the content varies by discipline: there are in fact 15 different sections.

The eligibility tests generally involve discipline related exercises: composition and text study in French, solving math problems, composition and review documents in history and geography.

In terms of oral, it is always:

professional simulation exercise in the discipline for which the student must prepare a draft educational session from the theme and then expose them and justify them to the jury (preparation: 4h; test: 1 hour; 2 coeff.)

a professional situation analysis test: the candidate must review the file (consisting of educational written material) awarded by the jury. The presentation is followed by an interview to justify and discuss the educational choices of the student. (Preparation: 2 hours; test: 1 hour; 2 coeff.).

Ethics and responsibility

This book offers all Applicants to the teaching valuable help to prepare the new oral test, common in various competitions of the first and second degrees (PERC, CAPES, CAPET ), which consists of an interview on the topic following: "Acting State official, ethically and responsibly." This new test requires a thorough knowledge of the organization of the school system, but also the tasks and skills of a teacher.

Pass the CAPES (Certificate of aptitude to teach in secondary schools)

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