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Paramedics: an area for you!

Paramedics: an area for you!

Paramedics industry employs nearly one million professionals and dozens of trades! This sector therefore is full of possibilities. In terms of employment, the numbers are encouraging, and the more so as the number of older people is increasing, and with them, the use of personal care. A brief overview of the sector

Health is a sector that is not likely to know the crisis. Indeed, these service trades, partly funded by the community, and that can not be outsourced. Rather, these are real neighborhood occupations that meet the needs of the entire country. Thus, many rural areas or small provincial towns are in shortage of professionals – nurses, child care assistant, optician particular. Opening even more opportunities for those of you who are not afraid to live in the country!

Employee or liberal: a choice of two possibilities

Paramedics groups of employees (employed by a public or private structure) and liberals (in practice for themselves, alone or in combination with others), depending on the chosen profession but also the preferences of professionals. eg nurses can choose to work in hospital structure or office or both!

For employees, the public and private hospitals remain the principal source of jobs. In addition to these employers, the real needs appear in clinics, health centers, nursing homes or medical-social institutions The hospital at home is also an interesting way for nurses and nursing assistants.

Some trades like dieticians and lab technicians offer a bit more limited opportunities, given the number of people passing the corresponding BTS or DUT. However the age structure is favorable to young graduates because many retirements in the coming years.

The 4 main occupations paramedic

care professions, which are the most famous, such helper caregiver, nurse, pediatric nurse, chiropodist, dental and veterinary assistant. This is by far the largest of the family business, thanks in particular to the professions of nurse and aide soignant_, which respectively account for nearly 437 000 and 330 000 professionals.

rehabilitation professions who meet occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, Orthoptists or psychomotor.

professions, so-called "technical assistance", which relate to the paramedics, radiographers electroradiology medical, pharmacy technicians, lab technicians, dieticians and medical representatives.

trades of the equipment, which include audiologists, dispensing opticians, orthotists and prosthetists, orthotists and the-the podo dental technicians. Many of these occupations are classified as manufacturers or artisans, and are not included in the classification of paramedics.

For more information on trades paramedics, their opportunities, the training required: See our detailed business cards!

Because this care professions, these jobs require solid training and very often controlled by the state. So many formations are subject to entrance exams with low supply restrictions: physiotherapist, podiatrist, speech therapist accept only 10 to 15% of the candidates. Before launching into the contest, it is better to prepare or through records which enable training, or a prep.

Moreover, some paramedical practices were not widespread in France in the last few years, begin to develop. But it is not always accurate referential quality of training. It is important to be well informed before entering a school in order to know the content of education, the proportion of practice and make sure it is well recognized and validated by practicing professionals.

The paramedical courses in 7 issues

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