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Paramedical training: the questions that you ask

No need to close our eyes, paramedical studies, it’s hard. To have no regrets or have to face a bitter failure, it is advisable to carefully consider the various options available to you. No wonder you you asked a thousand questions and you hesitate to throw you headlong in this sector! Should we go through contests, prépas, how to register ? Here is a clarification on a few points for you to make the right decision.


The selection is as severe as they say? Affirmative! If you are attracted to these professions, know that paramedics competitions are very selective due to the very large number of candidates and their level of preparedness.

The entry selection very often requires passage through a preparation or, for some physiotherapy training centers, a first year medical student. Review of the record, tests, interviews: Selection is tough! This first crossed cape, you will not be out of the woods

The number of places offered in the second year is reduced: each year a government decree regulates the number of professionals is what we call the supply restrictions. So many candidates, but few are chosen Paramedics competition are however not all too selective. Nursing schools, for example, admit about a candidate in five. The training is open to holders of the tray or equivalent.

Can we register without a tank S?

Without the S pan was unlikely to succeed the assistance of first year. Indeed, a tank S remains the most suitable for almost all contest materials contains scientific tests. Scientists are therefore particularly graduates well prepared to succeed paramedical assistance, including that of physiotherapists schools. Note that more than 98% of medical students have a science graduate!

However, nursing schools, medical visitors and speech will have no science events on the program of their entrance exam. It is also possible to pass a general baccalaureate or another to access this training but it is difficult to refocus on failure while science graduate promises all possible openings!

The ST2S tray also offers good chances of passing nurse and medical support secretariat. But for other paramedical assistance, they find themselves competing with scientists.

Should we go through the prep?

As we have seen, the selection remains very severe. To the point that some training (psychomotor, occupational therapists and physiotherapists most schools) recruit their students after passing the first year of medicine or faculty because they are better prepared. It is therefore wiser to follow a preparation to pass the entrance examination. You can also go through universities and public high schools to prepare the competition but these institutions are stormed by students because they are almost free!

Or try the contest by correspondence through the National Centre for Distance Education (CNED) or through private agencies. Only one problem: you will not have student status and therefore you will not be affiliated to the student scheme of Social Security. You also do not benefit from higher education scholarships granted by the Ministry of Education

See for yourself if you need to be supported in your preparation or if you feel ready to face the competition alone.

The competition: a must?

Occupational therapy, pedicure Most of these trades are accessible through schools which admit applicants on competition. Similarly, all the physiotherapy training institutes recruited via a competitive process involving biology tests, physics and chemistry, all very difficult.

But, fortunately, other professions are preparing in STS or IUT accessible without competition. This is the case for the dietician (BTS Diet) of optician (BTS-Optician optician), laboratory technician (BTS biomedical analyzes Biological analyzes) of orthotist and pedorthist (BTS pedorthist and prosthetist-orthotist BTS) or educator monitor schools (on examination, not competition).

Admission is by application and you may be asked to provide a number of documents proving your motivation academic achievements terminal or even first, cover letter and interview . And, again, the number of places is limited.

Spend several competitions, it is possible?

Good news: you can skip the contest as many times as you like!

And it is recommended to spend several competitions as this will multiply your chances of success. The spirit of competition vary from one institution to another, it can be more or less comfortable as the tests proposed. Spend several competitions also helps gain experience and be less prone to stress.

In this case, the centers aim that interest you to decide better than where you want to track your training. But do not forget that what counts is the ranking compared to the other more than the score. If the majority got more than 12/20, and if your score is rather convenient, that does not prevent you from being flunked!

How to finance his studies ?

The paramedic schools can be public or private. In the first case, the studies are almost free (you only have to pay the registration fee). However, in private institutions, the amount of tuition is often very high.

Scholarships are granted by the Ministry of Health but students must prepare a state diploma (DE) include: laboratory technician, occupational therapist, nurse, radiographer electroradiology, physiotherapist, Pedicure podiatrist and psychomotor.

Furthermore, these scholarships are awarded based on family quotient. There are other types of financial aid: scholarships for higher education, the most classic, departmental grants, issued by councils, remuneration in respect of the adult vocational training, bank loans

Where and how to register?

A tip if you plan to spend the contest: whether the university in special schools or in IUT, you need to take in advance! The first entrance examinations actually take place from late March / early April, which means he must register as early as November of your senior year.

You can remove an application with the hotel that interests you. For some schools coming together at regional or departmental level to organize a unique contest, the registration is done in the institute of your choice. Be sure to rank schools in order of preference, in case you would spend several competitions. Little detail has its importance: all entries are priced.

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