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Parallel admissions: strengths and weaknesses of candidates

Candidates in parallel admissions have assets in play but also gaps. What must they build to integrate a school of business and management? Sector by sector, small magazine adjustments to predict.

Karine Darmon

In theory, once built, nothing distinguishes students from parallel admission of candidates recruited after prep, if not a little "disability" which is the low level of general culture, lack of methodology or rigor . The schools will seek to provide parallel admitted an upgrade in early 1st year. Yes, but first must pass the course of competition which need to be prepared very carefully.

unfamiliar events

Why ? Because some tests are not familiar to academics or students from a short training type BTS or DUT. Indeed, there are certain unavoidable events on knowledge management (aptitude for management studies test, said "Tage-Mage" or aptitude test to personal success in teaching management, also called "Arpege ") or mastery of English. It is therefore wise to get, among others, The Bible Tagus Mage or the Tagus 2 bible published by MCAT prep online in the collection "The choice of success", or sites dedicated to these types of tests because they provide information detailed information on the procedure, tips for preparation, sample questions and answers

Forgotten materials

Similarly, some subjects in the curriculum of these tests sometimes longer part of the applicant’s education (math, foreign language, etc.). Unlike the competition prépas, those reserved for parallel admissions are based on pragmatic trials and rely more on material taken from the original route. An advantage ? Not always. Because according to their "origins", the students displayed the strengths and shortcomings.


For literary, economists or lawyers accustomed to a theoretical and abstract thinking often, the difficulty is to bring their sense of synthesis, both in essays only in events folder or summary of study. They must, in interviews, demonstrate concrete spirit of realism and consistency in their approach, qualities they do not necessarily possess certain way. Except for linguists, languages ​​are also the Achilles heel of academics.

Students in IEP

Students in IEP (Institute of Political Studies) have mastered academic knowledge, even if we sometimes adapt. However, they are struggling to move from a culture of discourse and essay to a focus on the action and a real "fitness for the decision." These requirements are particularly evident in the test of HEC file review and in all oral, perhaps even more acute at ESSEC and EM Lyon.

The scientists

Scientists must work their fluency in written and their sense of synthesis. At oral, they are evaluated primarily on their openness to the world, the credibility of their personal project and their interpersonal skills and their knowledge of languages.

Days to train?

The websites of banks common tests (Gateway, Springboard, HEC / ESCP Europe Ambitions +) and those schools that offer their own competition (Audencia, ESSEC, EM Lyon, Edhec, Inseec ) give information for the content of the tests and what will be asked. Get the annals of previous years, published by MCAT prep online. Also enjoy days of preparation of Ecricome Springboard, Gateway and Ambitions + to become familiar with the events. Organized from January to March, teachers or proofreaders are present in detail the events.

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