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Parallel admissions: how to ensure the contest?

Young entrepreneur, Nicolas Bauguitte also graduated from GEM (Grenoble Ecole de Management), which he joined through parallel admissions. The competition knows it! It therefore gives his tricks to effectively prepare for and pass the tests.

That’s it, you are officially registered in various competitions of business schools in parallel admissions. You already you see, remains only work. But precisely address this prep work you do not know where to start. Follow the guide !

Setting a target

What is the school that you dream of integrating most of all? Write it on a sign and display it above your desk! It is important to set a goal and have ambition. This will be your main motivation throughout your revisions, which will push you to surpass yourself, especially in the inevitable moments of discouragement you may have during your preparation.

Plan revisions

Flawless organization is required to enter the competition with the odds on his side. The best way for this is to make a schedule of revisions and follow as closely as possible. This planning must of course be realistic and take into account your schedule and out of school time, so as not to exhaust yourself. You can always evolve based on your progress or your difficulties.

Save energy

Prepare a contest is more of a marathon than a sprint! In wanting to do too much early, you may get winded and lose your motivation. Set yourself achievable goals and gradually move forward, you gradually ascend in power.

The competition tests are not complicated but require much training. You’ll have to make and remake several times certain exercises, which might seem daunting. Hence the importance to go slowly but surely history to reach the ready but not jaded contest.

Working alone (e) and group

Revise only is essential to appropriate knowledge. But the team reviews may also prove useful. On one hand, it motivates and pushes to excel by creating a small group of emulation for both written as oral. So for the comprehensive test, to read his work and compare it with that of other assesses its strengths and areas for improvement. As for the preparation of group interviews, this allows to anticipate the questions that we will ask you while having the first review your performance.

Do not ignore your course

The preparation of the competition is very time consuming and requires much effort. However, remember that the priority is the degree you are currently preparing. If you should miss it, then you would have lost everything Obviously, this is not always easy to make sense of things, so you must arrange upstream to best allocate your revisions. Finally, do not worry, you’re not alone in this situation and others have gone there before you and succeeded!

Nicolas Bauguitte offers all candidates for business school admissions exam in parallel free personalized support. You want to know more ? Visit his blog.

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