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Osteopathy: new approvals of a selection of the best schools?

The new criteria for approval of osteopathic institutions should be voted for September 2014. A misfortune for students who are currently making their choice for next year. Their school is it you agreed or not? Back on the main criteria that should soon be the guarantors of the quality of training provided by schools of osteopathy French.

Par Julie Milk

The new criteria are 24 in number and have been proven to schools by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the objective being that each school prepares the best in order to receive, or not, the famous approval.

Studies set at 5 years post-bac

While we currently between 3 and 6 years depending on the institution (who only follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization), the duration of studies should be set at 5 years.

The draft decree provides for the procedure leading to the award by the Minister for Health, an accreditation training institutions wishing to deliver training in osteopathy. It lists the conditions required for all training institutions.

The main elements are retained (not exhaustive):

the establishment of governance bodies and their composition: besides the scientific board already in the 2007 decree, must set up a pedagogical council, a disciplinary council and a validation commission training units and vocational skills ;

local dedicated exclusively to training, compliance with applicable regulations for safety and accessibility, with the obligation to respect a minimum area per student;

the qualification of the director of the facility: further required to be entitled to use the title of osteopath, requirement of a security or management experience; – The pedagogical team of trainers, guest speakers and permanent teaching coordinators, whose number and qualifications are in line with the student body and the teaching provided (1 for 25);

the budget and the financial capacity of the training institution;

the content of the educational project of the institution;

adapting the educational and technical equipment to the student body welcomed and compliance training program and educational project;

organization of clinical practice training: two-thirds performed within the clinic training institution with the need for at least 150 full consultation and approved by student throughout the course and supervised by a teacher osteopath of the institution;

How many schools will be approved?

That remains a mystery for now. The institutions will have to apply for "apply" for approval, particularly those whose current approval expires in September. For the case of some schools whose licenses were renewed recently will not re-examine the moment. "Beware, this is only temporary and does not mean that they have a guarantee for renewal provided" cautions Christopher Caporossi, Deputy Director of the ESO Paris.

Today is thirty initial training institutions that are authorized, this figure should be reduced with new amenities.

"Schools that are most likely to be recertified schools are invested in quality for a long time and in recognition of their education outside of university partnerships, or the registration of their title at 1 RNCP or the Erasmus Charter. Either between 10 and 15 schools in initial formation. "

Eventually, further training in osteopathy reviewed and framed, this reform could also lead to a number of professionals best suited to the real needs of the French market.

So how to choose the right business? Judging oneself "in uncertainty it is advisable for students to participate in open days to judge themselves of the criteria (curricula, clinical, many teachers, community, student reviews, )" concludes Christophe Caporossi.

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