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Osteopathy: an e-learning solution for students

The internet boom has multiplied the possibilities of "e-learning". Like the business school or medical school, the osteopathic training organizations now have their e-learning solution through the E-OstéoLearning society.

Chaired by Sara Trinh, MD, a teacher experienced, the company provides support to students and aims to reach more health professionals and health training institutions.

E-OstéoLearning: What is the concept?

Based in the Rhone, the company E-OstéoLearning recognized training organization, was created in 2011 by health professionals. Osteopaths for some, they are all teachers of academic subjects in osteopathic training institutions. They are trained in Information and Communication Technologies in Education (ICTE) to optimize their teaching skills.

The areas concerned cover all theoretical disciplines addressed in osteopathy and, more generally, health sectors: the anatomy, biomechanics, histology, semiotics etc.

The company offers educational courses with individualized monitoring, provision of resources validated by an independent scientific council. The goal is to help students better understand and visualize abstract concepts. To achieve this, the founders of the company are based on their teaching experience in initial and continuing training.


E-OstéoLearning brings several benefits. Educationally, students have access to structured documents, scripted, animated and interactive, often in 3D. The courses are punctuated with numerous exercises that allow them to be in their gains.

They have a community to discuss specific topics, and if appropriate, a guardian. In case of poor response to exercise, the student is automatically oriented unassimilated knowledge.

Teachers in turn enjoy a monitoring facility via each student access to the results of learners and a warning system in case of problems.

E-learning allows to focus on practice: namely to establish an osteopathic diagnosis and treat dysfunctions found.

Definition of e-learning

The European Commission defines e-learning as "the use of new multimedia technologies of the internet to improve the quality of learning by facilitating the one hand access to resources and services, on the other exchanges and remote collaboration. "

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