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OSTEOBIO – Biomechanics applied to Osteopathy School Cachan Register, Curriculum, Training

"The professional skills acquired during my training Ostéobio allow me to where to place me in the care course as part of a supported, including multidisciplinary functional pathology. This quality training offers me the opportunity working in collaboration with several health professionals (general practitioner, sports, neurologist, speech therapist, podiatrists ). " Julien Figved, Osteopath biomechanic at La Celle Saint Cloud


Since 1988, Ostéobio form of osteopaths biomechanics whose professional success derives from a unique teaching and innovative professional (over 500 consultations per student at the end of the course) oriented sport, pediatrics, geriatrics, the business, etc.


Ostéobio curriculum is divided into two cycles. The first lasts 3 years and includes the acquisition of theoretical and practical fundamentals of future osteopathic practice. The 2nd is oriented towards the professionalization and mainly includes internships, memory and preparation to professional activity.

In total, over 4,600 hours of training, of which nearly 2200 hours in practical work.

The curriculum is based on a biomechanical model that is the only osteopathic concept validated by the scientific world. Therefore, students must learn functional anatomy transdisciplinary notions of biology, human mechanics and neurology. Medical materials are used primarily to recognize what is not within the scope of biomechanics osteopath.

With this specific knowledge, our students can practice their skills in a variety of sectors: sport, business, pediatrics, geriatrics. They can therefore act downstream of pathology, but also upstream, as ergonomics consultants (optimization of sports movements and injury prevention, analysis of workstations, ergonomic medical devices, etc.).

Internship (s) to perform: practitioner firm courses and sporting events venues provided by the school – professional project in an external structure under convention + internal clinical and clinical hoptital the public.

Average starting salary: professional – 83% of satisfied graduates of their income after 3 years and 100% after 5 years.

Placement of graduates: ads (cabinet to return and replacements); isolated facility in multidisciplinary firms or other osteopaths.


Education or training (s) abroad: partnership with Great Britain (Liverpool John Moores University); other partnerships abroad are underway.


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