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Orientation: How to rebound after a failure?

Orientation is not an easy process. It engages in a die and sometimes, we realize that we were wrong But the key is to bounce! Discover the student testimonials that eventually find their way after an initial failure.

Nicolas, Anais, Ines and Quentin did not know but have something in common: they have experienced failure at some point in their studies and were able to find the solution to bounce. They tell you their experiences and give you advice.

My schooling was quite complicated. I got my degree with three years late. Then, having always wanted to become a PE teacher, I enrolled in L1 STAPS during which I have not really managed to motivate me. I forked in history, an area that also appealed to me, but the essays were not my forte! So I headed in biochemistry, and there I came to realize that science is not passionate me. So I’m left in STAPS to finish my degree. Although the die suited me, the contest seemed to me inaccessible.

To which sector guide me which allows me to stay in the sport and without wasting more time?

I went to CIDJ (Centre for Information and Documentation youth) and a counselor there exposed me different sports related training, including sports management. This idea seemed interesting because I am a member of a rugby club in which I manage many administrative side and it’s something I like. I am currently a first year Bachelor of marketing and sport management and I think I found my way!

We are not always aware of training opportunities and jobs that are available to us, although they are great! Rely on what you like or your interests, and then expand your horizons.

I always wanted to exercise the physiotherapist profession. Also, after my science graduate in 2007, I was directed to a preparation physiotherapist to prepare for competitions. Except that I failed

I did not retry the contest physiotherapist, provided I wanted to stay in a nearby field. What to do ?

I went to an orientation room to inform me about the different courses in the field of health. I fell on osteopathic school students and how they talk about me much. I managed to integrate a school. Today I am in 4th year and I discovered a real passion!

Do not hesitate to go to open schools and in guidance fairs to discuss student and school officials. Or to go and meet professionals who are best placed to talk about their profession and training to do.

How to rebound after a failure? How to avoid a new orientation error? We asked Anne-Ségolène ABSCHEIDT, specialist guidance and educational success to give you advice

In 2010, I got my Bac STG option Marketing. Then not really knowing what I wanted to do, I decided to work 1 year to reflect on my project. Being passionate about languages ​​and foreign cultures, I chose to turn towards translation. So I enrolled in Bachelor of Arabic at the INALCO (Institute Nationaldes Languages ​​and Oriental Civilization). But despite having good results, I made me realize that the theoretical side did not suit me.

I decided to find out about careers and training related to languages, either about me or internet via referral sites. I also went on the forums to read student testimonials. And finally many elements brought me to the tourism sector that uses the language skills but also marketing or selling that I had a little studied in high school. So I decided to find my way in this area in the coming year and I am confident.

When it turns around and we have the impression of not knowing where we are going, it is better to ask to take the time to think of rushing. You should also know to ask for help: talk around you, that’s how the ideas come!

In 2009, after my vat S, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce from school. Graduate, I started looking for work but after seven months, I was still unemployed and I started to discourage me.

I did not go back to school, but at the same time I realized that I was missing some skills demanded by recruiters

my solution

I questioned, I also spoke with my family and I came to the conclusion that I had to go back to school. Especially to gain experience that I was missing. I enrolled in a school for a Master in Marketing and alternately. Today, I still search a business but I am confident!

My advice

When facing a difficulty, it is important to take stock and question themselves. Friends and family can also help you because they are external to the situation and have more perspective than you.

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