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Oral d’admission en M2, MS ou MBA : n’improvisez pas !

You want to access a ferry + 4 / + 5 / + 6 (Master 2, MS, MBA)? Expect a severe selection, whether written or oral. For this last stage, here are three things to remember to succeed!

This is classic, once past the barrier of writing, you tend to underestimate the oral test. But it is also very selective and requires real preparation. In order not to improvise, follow the rule of "3 P"

"Brochure by heart"

You must have closely studied the school board and the know on the fingertips. It is indeed possible that the jury ask this (trap) "if you have the choice between our training and another, which will you choose? ". In this case, the fact cite the specific training, curriculum content, pedagogical means proposed, will show them that you have matured your project and you’re not there by chance!

Do not miss a unique opportunity to come to the level of training of hundreds of meeting Bac + 4 / + 5 and 6!

For this appointment in one of MCAT prep online Shows Masters 2, Specialized Masters & MBA near you. On site, many institutions are there to present their chains!

You must look after your appearance to look good. This is not to be at the forefront of fashion, but rather a classic, especially in accordance with your personality. You must have looked like (dirty dark circles or hair should be avoided), relaxed but serious. Enter smiling and saying hello. Throughout the interview, look at all the members of the jury – not admire the tips of your shoes – and in the end, thank them. Be natural, showing the best of yourself and also be


Get to the point "straight to the point," say the Anglo-Saxons. If you are short, you have to make heavy, in other words, be forceful. Know argue "facts & figures", with facts and figures.

For example, the question "Why are applying yourself to this third cycle in Sports Marketing? "The answer" because I love the sport "is not sufficient. Rather Mention your experience in the field, "I did three internships with a supplier, I am holder of the BAFA and I lead groups in a neighborhood association" and how this training meets your project "I read your 3rd cycle is in the top 10 courses in France in sports marketing. "With this type of argument, you score points.

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