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The nutritionist is a specialist who will follow a number of patients in a medical setting by example hospital but also sometimes in private. His role: to support the nutrition of diseases such as diabetes, obesity or anorexia.

The daily nutritionist

Not to be confused with the dietician, nutritionist specializing in nutrition. An expert warns, diagnosis and treatment of the nutritional diseases (diabetes, obesity or overweight), eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, but also diseases that affect nutrition. Include some forms of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, food allergies or digestive problems

In private practice or in hospital

Present in hospitals but also in private practice or in convalescent, nutritionist intervene also in home hospitalization in connection with doctors of his patients. He may prescribe medication itself or examinations and medical tests.

Knowledge evolving

The precise knowledge of the nutritionist about food, their composition and their effects on health, enabling it to provide its patients advice and establish appropriate nutritional programs. Some nutritionists can finally carry out humanitarian missions and intervene urgently to "recharge" of children in danger. Particular, they play an educational role with women, which they inculcate new dietary principles.

The training to become a nutritionist

Several routes lead to the nutritionist profession. The classical pathway is carried out in medical school, with an orientation / specialization in the end.

What are the opportunities?

Competition is fierce in hospitals, other opportunities will therefore develop in private clinics in schools but also in health spas or spa or sports centers. Another option: the Liberal installation, and the patient building a clientele It is estimated that over 30% of nutritionists perform in this context. It is also possible to intervene in business, for example vocational training.

Professional evolution

With experience, a nutritionist can settle on his own, teach in a university hospital or integrate the pole looking for a CHU.

Although the training received will influence widely, the income of a nutritionist will correspond roughly to those of a specialist. They will vary from 2,000 euros net monthly net 5 000 euros in hospitals in more liberal.

The health professions guide

The guide lists the French landscape of the health professions. He lists, in the retail, every medical profession and paramedics as well as training and qualifications for access. It specifies all the possibilities of exercise: in the hospital or in private, in public or private community, in research or in humanitarian.

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