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No increase in university tuition fees

There will be no increase of fees at the university for the year 2015-2016. Like last year, the license registration will cost € 184, € 256 for master’s and 391 doctoral €.

Alongside the freezing of tuition fees, the government unveiled a (very) slight increase scholarships based on social criteria: the level 0 corresponding to the exemption from registration fees and contributions to student social security, at step 7 qualifying € 5,545 per year.

La Fage (General Federation of Students Associations) said that back in 2015 would cost an average of 2335.45 euros for students, calculating a decrease of 6.8 points compared to the fall of 2014.

A decline largely reflected in the estate areas "strained" – Paris in the first place – through coaching agency fees and rents endorsed by the Alur law (for access to housing and a renovated urban planning).

The EcoSocioConso site information website dedicated to consumer owned Lecler group, was interested in the cost of student life in France. Here is their graphics.

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