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National exchanges of agricultural secondary education

These scholarships are intended to promote the education of students to undertake or continue studies enrolled in initial training in agricultural secondary schools, public or private contract and whose family resources have been recognized permanently or temporarily insufficient.

The inclusion of resources is from the benchmark tax income on the tax review of income for all professional categories. In the case of lack of resources, the notice of non-taxation will also be provided.

In addition the number of allotments, premiums are also awarded to students who are eligible for a scholarship, according to the diploma, the preparation cycle, the student status.

To know precisely the feasibility of the request, a simulation can be performed at the following address: In no event this simulation can not replace scholarship application folder.

1. the dossier to withdraw fellowship application is made to the service "school" of the host institution of the student for the year. This service is able to examine your case and help you complete it before sending.

2. the dossier to be completed and returned for the date requested by the institution (usually by 1 September)

Whatever the type of form (transmitted by the registration institution or printed on site), the completed application must be returned to the host institution of the student within the time limit. All sections of the form must be filled in and the supporting documents provided.

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