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All products on the supermarket shelves are arranged by chance. Visibility and attractiveness: these are the two key words from / to commodify (honest)!

The daily merchandiser

The merchandiser not only crosses the aisles of supermarkets to ensure the quality of locations. This is only a small part of his work. Its main task is to analyze closer consumer attitudes. For this, it reads market research, enabling it to anticipate their behavior. His goal: to ensure that consumers buy as much as possible to sell stocks.

A strategist

To trigger the act of purchase, the merchandiser is developing an action plan that outlines with conviction to the store management and department managers. Displays, lighting, display, entertainment, dressing and organization from the sales are all tools it can use to showcase new products or products that is responsible for promoting.

The training leading to the profession of merchandiser

BTS MUC (Management business unit), the DUT Marketing techniques, the designer’s degree merchandiser (Tray 2), professional licenses and distribution in commerce, management and shelf management, business school (specialized trade sales , distribution, marketing), marketing master, specialty sales and distribution are possible degrees.

The EIML Paris, the International School of Marketing and Luxury Paris, proposes to integrate after the ferry, a Bachelor degree in merchandising and design, equivalent bac + 3, title RNCP level 2, "Marketing Manager and interactive communication ".

The main objectives of this training are to meet these new needs of transversal skills combining art, creativity, innovation, design, web, marketing and merchandising. The program is organized around 4 areas:

Digital marketing.

Courses are taught by professionals of luxury in permanent contact with the contact points and offline creative industries. Architects, interior designers, visual merchandisers, marketing directors offer their expertise and share their feedback with students by applying the best practices of merchandising related professions.

The training also focuses on consulting projects offered by the luxury companies EIML Paris school partners. Creating POS, commercial animation map internationally, brand content, customer experience in stores, e-merchandising strategies are some of the problems posed to students by the business of luxury during their studies. The professionalizing teaching allows students to develop a portfolio of accomplishments.

Furthermore, meetings with professionals and creators, including at conferences and store tours (visits to Parisian boutiques of Milan or London) organized by the professors allow students to understand the codes of luxury and be closer the latest trends. They can study the value chain of a luxury product, from manufacturing to marketing omnicanale.

From the 2nd year of the Bachelor, students can also follow this course alternately under professional contract at 2 days per week and 3 days for business.

The positions and functions of the merchandiser

"Merchandising for me at Vuitton, it is essentially a story and it goes through the staging of the heritage of the brand and products to dream clients."

Manuarii, a student at EIML Paris, relationship manager and merchandiser in Louis Vuitton store

The merchandiser is particularly sought after by the big distribution companies to showcase food products, health and beauty, sports, DIY.

It is increasingly sought after in the field of fashion and luxury also, especially for work on what is called the "Story Telling" brand. "The merchandising for me at Vuitton, it is essentially a story and it goes through the staging of the heritage of the brand and products to dream clients. To perform this function, my merchandising courses EIML Paris allowed me to structure and deepen my work as a director of store collections; a good merchandiser is both creative and customer-oriented and sales, hence the need to have training that combines both sides of the function, "says Manuarii, a student at the Paris EIML, client advisor and merchandiser in Louis Vuitton boutique on Avenue Montaigne.

professional development of merchandiser

After some years of experience, professional setting before a brand can evolve into a post or category manager for trade marketing for example, or turn to a department head position, head of regional sales, before to become, why not, sales manager.

(S) responsible merchandising earns about 3,000 euros gross monthly early career.

VRP (representing traveler or usher)

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