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Medicine in the US


Like many people, I would like to go abroad in the US, and this for studies of medicine However:

_ The simple S-tank is enough to try his luck in a amricaine university?

Thank you in advance !!

Hi and welcome to you

I’m not really able to help you, but just give you a small testimony. I had a friend who had to lyce an excellent level at lyce well I should say rather Excellent with a capital "E". (16/20 nothing that made her dprimer lol )

Anyway, after the tray is therefore part of the United States with certificates of language levels needed and she made studies of medicine. For the latest news ca goes well for her.

This story should make you dream can be a little, I guess, but behind that I just write; one must understand that there is a job to provide standard and have money university studies in the US are not as in France. The years are expensive or very expensive

See you soon !

Post 01 aot 2005 – 11:36

precision: know until post a diploma of Medicine USA, returning exercise in France crossing the PCEM1 is mandatory. Good continuation !

Attempting the "American way of life" but I do not know if it is pink

Yes I know I do not move about you but I wanted to say!

Good luck anyway, tries to have the best record in term, ca t open the doors you want in the first place!

Post 01 aot 2005 – 15:34

Hi, my parents are Americans and I almost make the medicine there, so I want prciser you some stuff. First, to go into medicine to college in the US, it is VERY DIFFICULT. All facs not take more than 20 percent of those applying for admission. At Harvard, 6,000 students requesting admission and they are 150. Also be aware:

– We go to college of Medicine in the US after four years of bachelor level of studies (license) is – say that S tray not sufficient for you at all.

– We can do the fillire you want before making the medicine, but be certain courses in addition to input, these include: a year of English (English first language, c is – say no English language the Bahamas), one year of math, physics, biology, chemistry, and after adpend from college but add other things sometimes.

– Must pass a test to get in. It’s called the MCAT and it’s very hard. Normally you might spend in France but it will inform you. No need to do it before a lot of physics, biology and chemistry, or you’ll lose you there completely.

– The admission procedure lasts more than a year. Let’s say you want to get in college of Medicine in 2006. You would have already spent your MCAT, and in June 2005 at the latest you make your records. After, a time consuming and you’re summoned a meeting in if you ever had.

– The college of medicine in the US few odds nearly $ 35,000 the year over four years. After you are internal (intern) for three years and you win easily not your life. Of course, after, doctors are a terrific country.

– It is not on the websites of most facs that foreign students with no diploma amricain are rarely admitted. It is obliged to do at least one year of training in the US before applying. Either way if you have not done the biology, chemistry and physics amricaine, surely you will miss your MCAT.

– The admission procedure begins with the central site AMCAS. This is a valid case for all universities, and after you do your folders for each university and more.

– Many Americans never russisent enter a college of medicine there and the going abroad. But I do not know a single foreigner in a college of medicine amricaine.

I tell you not everything to discourage you, only I can tell you that I know a lot of students that Americans, in their names that start bachelors (four-year license), wanted to do medicine and have not held up even till the admission procedure. Many people are not admitted to the first shot. In the States, it is the admission procedure dcourage that 80 percent of potential doctors, as in France is in first year of medicine at least 80 chouent percent of pupils.

I think if you really want to do medicine in the US, you should first go in bachelor, knowing that for fall 2006 should begin your admission records for the first year in September, December at the latest (most are making January 1).

Voil – dsole to sound if mchante but I can tell you from my experience: I made Yale and I finished almost all the courses he needed it I just left a physical half, but I craqu. I should spend my MCAT in May 2005. I am not nule science, it’s just like a. The people in your classes (pre-med, was called), are super competetive, it’s hell.

If you still want to try your chances, do not hsites posting questions, I could surely help you, because this is not an open system.

President and spokesman:

Ah, yes, I added, the difference between France and the USA is that at degree level (bachelor), it is almost never a professional training. This is to open the mind, etc. After of course many people enter the professional directly. But for all that architecture, medicine, law even to be nurse you do your four years and only after

And the ten best facs of Medicine amricaines to me (I still repeats that you are not coming home without bachelor or perhaps Française license if you normment chance ):

I find that I have 4 years late, but I wanted to ask you paondujour (if you are still

) How are conducted in the choice of specialty, and there are less expensive than other faculties. vinz12 and you, that you finally become ???

Good evening,

I’m in first qu’lve Bac former SC (Morocco), and I have a great desire to go abroad to the USA

Studies addressing the Medicals, even from my patent, so that means it’s a childhood dream!

Dj information that have been provided by Paondejour me have much help!

Nevertheless I want to know if this is possible if there is a cota (is there a percentage of disqualified persons) and if there are scholarships to help us finance our studies better now !! If this is the case, the different fawns to obtain scholarships!

Thank you!!

PS: I heard that I will participate in the Socials works ?? (Well if that’s the case I’m in !! But I will be sr!

I am a student in the first year Bac experimental SC (Morocco), and I have a great desire to go abroad in the USA

To cope with Medicals Studies, and it also since my patent, and I also consider my childhood dream

and about the information that was provided by Paondejour I have not seen so if you want I ask you to help US-Dreamer

I also want to know if there is a cotta and if there are scholarships to help us finance our studies better now !! If this is the case, the different ways to get scholarships and What are the universities that teach medicine in USA

and I also want to know how to send requests for registration if possible !!! ??

and about about the participation Socials works can you tell me what are these social detaillé works exactly


I would like to later live in the USA and become orthodontist and I was wondering if it’d be possible in the first studies to become a dentist in France then make those ortho to become the States?

Post November 13, 2013 – 9:40 p.m.

Hi all, is it that what one knows if it is possible to make his medicine studies in France or Switzerland to the limit to be surgeon and after moving to the United States?

For example after our studies we pass a diploma that certifies an advanced level of English and working there instead of to study in the US because it’s very expensive and very complicated

Post 19 dcembre 2013 – 15:12

Hi, I am Ivorian, and I am terminally D (that is a scientific series) in my country and I want to do medicine in the US after my degree this year. I thought at the university of Michigan, one of Pennsylvania, Gorgetown and Duke. I can not find how to apply for a job !!! and then I’m not sure what I would have to provide and is that I can go to live my studies after my degree?

Here are some informative links on how to enter an American medical school: http: //

It would appear from these links, being already in internal medicine is a plus. There are certainly intermediate formations to pass the entrance exam after graduating. For more information, you may directly contact the institutions concerned.

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