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Medical studies

Medical studies

Offered in 45 French universities, the traditional curriculum of medical education has three cycles and leads to classifying national examination (ENC).

CDR, cycle selection

The first cycle of medical studies (CDR) is arranged on two years of general scientific training. After the first year, students are subject to numerus clausus: a competition where the number of admitted is set by regulation.

For the year 2007-2008, students in France advance to the second year of the CDR (PCEM2). To these will be added foreign students not from a State of the European Union. They are received in excess in the limit of a quota of 8%. For this, it must have obtained a rating at least equal to that of the last French rated in good rank.

The second cycle of medical studies (DCEM): action

If PCEM2 include a compulsory nurse training, unpaid, 3 to 4 weeks, the DCEM is characterized by four years of study dominated by the practice. Gone are the basic sciences, the third year addresses bioclinical sciences (bacteriology, virology, parasitology, pharmacology ) and the patient’s clinical examination during hospital placements. Then come the three years called the "externship". Lessons devoted to the pathology and therapy, are provided both in medical schools and hospitals. Hospital or "external" students are paid by the hospital to which the university is attached.

Under the internal responsibility or practitioners, they are trained to make diagnoses, but does benefit from the therapeutic responsibility nor the right prescription. This practice cycle is particularly conducive to academic exchanges.

The third cycle of medical studies

Students are allowed to enroll in the third round after validating the DCEM and certificate of clinical and therapeutic synthesis (CSCT). The 3rd cycle prepares the specialized diploma (DES). Four to five years of training, depending on the specialty, are required to obtain the State diploma of doctor of medicine.

Since 2004, we no longer speak of internship or residency contest, but national ranking exams (ECN) or national ranking examination (ENC). This is a competition organized by disciplines: medical specialties, surgical specialties, anesthesia and intensive care, occupational medicine, public health, biology and psychiatry. It is mandatory for applicants under medical doctor, be subject to general medicine or the practice of a specialty!

DES holders can deepen an aspect of their specialty by following a DESC (diploma of complementary specialized studies).

The MSBM (masters of biological and medical sciences)

They are parallel and complementary teaching to medical and pharmaceutical studies. They are required to perform training oriented medical research (former-DEA).

• contact the Department of Health and Sports: 8, Segur Avenue, 75007 Paris. See page: March 33 0820 33.

• see the national directory of medical university diplomas on the Internet:

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