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Medical students: a financial boost to settle in medical deserts

Grants and public aid

To fight against "insufficient medical supply or difficulties in access to care" in some areas, Marisol Touraine, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, has taken a series of incentives to medical students or young graduates to motivate the establishment of young doctors in medical deserts.

Julia Fauconnier

Voted in the Social Security Financing Act for 2013, these incentives are part of the 12 health territory Pact commitments, a plan to fight against the inequalities in access to care.

Supplement the income of young doctors

The target is the young general practitioners, not yet installed or installed for less than a year. It offers a complement to their professional income in order to ensure to reach a total net monthly salary of € 3,640 and this for the first 2 years.

Moreover, in case of sickness or for the duration of maternity leave, an additional forfaitisé remuneration will be paid for three months. To receive such aid, the young doctors must commit contractually to respect the binding rates and to participate in the permanence of ambulatory care.

1200 € per month during studies

Concerning this time students, a public service contract of employment provides a monthly allowance of € 1,200 gross for studies if you agree to practice in one of the territories listed as vulnerable by the regional health agencies. An existing measure, which has just been extended to students in dentistry and thus future dentists.


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