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medical secretary, a promising field

This distance training institution was established in 1981 and is recognized today as the training specialist medical secretary.

Training takes place remotely, so you manage the training according to your schedule, freely.

Accessible, medical secretary training is open to all, all you need is the third level.

This training can take place in 6 months like 3 years, depending on the time you can spend.

Training by Culture and Employment is subject to state control. The entire faculty is subject to the approval of the Rector.

Medical and paramedical sector still recruited and recruit for many years, job opportunities abound.

If you are open to the other and you love you make then useful this job please.

The medical secretary profession combines two dimensions: social and medical. Medical, for you are the true physician’s right arm and watch in all his administrative duties. Social because your mission is to welcome, to reassure and help patients in their efforts, etc.

So you are the indispensable interface between doctor and patients.

This job is rewarding and tasks are very diverse, so many qualities that make the success of this business.

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