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medical Director

In the pharmaceutical companies, the medical director plays a key role. Indeed, it is he who makes the interface with health authorities to get the green light on the clinical development projects of his company.

Medical Director of Missions

The medical director and performer anticipates developments in the pharmaceutical environment in the medium and long term. With its analyzes, it offers clinical studies to develop new therapies or launch research on already existing products to find new medical indications. Furthermore, in line with the general management and other services, it defines the major therapeutic areas of development for the coming years.

The medical director also implements follow-up studies previously registered products, scrupulously ensuring respect for ethics.

Organize and communicate

Its role is as a role of conductor. It arbitrates the allocation of human, material and financial resources to implement, according to the results to be achieved.

As such, the medical director is responsible for the recruitment, assessment and training of its teams.

Its mission also includes important communication activities with the public authorities, the medical profession, opinion leaders. Finally, it is frequently required to intervene in the congresses or other scientific forums.

The training how to become medical director

Medical directors usually have an initial training doctor or pharmacist, completed with a specialty in Clinical Pharmacology.

The functions and positions of Medical Director

experienced professionals, medical directors ply their trade mainly in the drug industry. They access this level of responsibility after a number of years of laboratory research.

The annual gross salary of a medical director, apart from any charges or benefits in kind is about 120 000 € 150 000.

The health professions guide

The guide lists the French landscape of the health professions. He lists, in the retail, every medical profession and paramedics as well as training and qualifications for access. It specifies all the possibilities of exercise: in the hospital or in private, in public or private community, in research or in humanitarian.

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