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Medical and psychological help

Medical and psychological assistance works with people in need of care due to a disability, serious illness or their age.

Medical and psychological assistance missions

Its mission falls within the area of ​​care, but also responds to social or educational objectives. It also aims to break the isolation of these people. It helps especially children or adolescents mentally retarded, motor or sensory.

Daily support

Medical and psychological assistance is present in everyday life. Meals, toilet, sunrise and sunset are all tasks for this professional, who can also organize awareness activities for children, help boost the memory of elderly or disabled person to encourage expression.

Team work

Medical and psychological assistance is within a multi-professional team under the responsibility of a social or paramedic. Thus it second, according to the structures, educators in the children’s sector or facilitators with adults, and in some cases, nursing and paramedical staff.

Eligible to become medical and psychological help

Medical and psychological assistance must have good interpersonal skills. Motivation, the desire to communicate, patience but also a mental balance and physical strength are also required for this job.

The courses follow

To access the medical and psychological profession, prepare the DEAMP (State Diploma of medical and psychological help). No diploma is required to prepare, each institution organizes admission tests (current questionnaire on social, economic, family, health and education which the candidate will respond in writing and an interview with the jury on basis of a text given to the candidate.)

The training is spread over a period of 12 to 24 months and includes 495 hours of theoretical training and 24 weeks of practical training.

Upon graduation, students can work in medico-educational institutes, specialized shelters, aid institutions and services through work (ESAT), general or psychiatric hospitals or in nursing homes.

Where working medical and psychological help?

The labor market is open enough given the needs in the host institutions for the elderly. So far, the Ile-de-France, the Rhône-Alpes region, the countries of the Loire and the Pyrenees were the regions which employed most MPAs. But today, the situation tends to balance in other regions of France.

Professional evolution

The medical and psychological assistance may, if they wish, start another training social sector. They will benefit from relief formations or exemptions from areas prepared by graduate.

For example, professionals who prepare the State Diploma Auxiliary of social life (DEAVS) will be exempted from 4 of the 6 areas of the program, as well as candidates for the professional caregiver diploma (DPAS), exempt from the 5 8 units of training.

There are also relief program for the State diploma of social and family intervention technician (DETISF) for the educator to monitor state diploma (DEME) but also for the special education state diploma ( DEES) for people proof of 5 years of professional experience.

In the public sector, wages totaled (not including bonuses)

€ 1283 gross monthly early career

€ 1,886 gross monthly late career

In the private sector, salary and career elements are fixed by collective agreements. The medical and psychological aid earn about the early career minimum wage.

All know to prepare the DEAMP

This book is for people undergoing training to get the state diploma of medical psychologique.Exerçant assistant to the education of border and care, medical and psychological help works with various public ( children, adolescents, disabled adults, seniors ) to help and support them in the essential activities of daily living, but also in leisure activities. Speaking within multi-professional teams, AMP may exercise in different establishments (specialized shelters, medical and educational institutions, retirement homes, specialized hospitals ).

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