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medical administrative assistant


This book is intended for candidates preparing external or internal competition medico-administrative assistant, assistance from the public hospital service accessible after bachelor.

Replacing the job of medical secretary following a deep reform, the medical administrative assistant job (AMA) has two branches: "medical secretary" and "regulation of medical assistance." WADA, which provides a key role in the process of patient care, in particular support the physical and telephone reception of patients, appointment making, management and archiving of medical records, office and computer input.

This guide all-in-one provides access to the tools needed to prepare and succeed:

• the eligibility test consisting of the selection by the jury, records of candidates allowed to take part in this contest. The jury takes into account of the qualifications and ensures the adequacy of the training received by the candidate and the branch for which it competes, but also professional experience;

• the admission test which consists of an interview of a professional nature: presentation by the candidate of his training and his career, and exchange with the jury from short questions about WADA missions and placing situation.

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