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MCAT prep online Salon of Continuing Studies and Masters in Reims


The MCAT prep online fair for studies and Masters Pursuit is the appointment not to be missed to find training the Pro Licence to Master and successful orientation.

You’ll find all the necessary information to learn more about the curriculum and training that exist and to plan your further education after +2/3/4 tray, and discover the sectors and occupations that have the coast.

This event is organized with the support of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.

Pro license of the Master: discover the formations

You are one of many students who choose to continue their education after a BTS, DUT or Bac +3? But what courses to choose? To see more clearly, do not miss this room specifically devoted to the pursuit of study! Depending on your profile, you can redirect you to specialize in one year if you got your Bac +2 or a Masters courses 1 and 2.

Schools, CFA, Business Schools & engineering colleges, trade schools are waiting to offer their programs in short or long courses, classic or alternately.

Meet many institutions representing no less than 300 specialized training in fields as varied as art, health, military, computers, commerce, computer science, engineering, human resources, management , banking, finance, real estate, construction, transportation, logistics, communication, sales, digital, tourism etc.

License, bachelor, pro license: complete training or reorientation

You want to continue your education after your bac + 2 and receive additional training? You can opt for the professional license or integrate a bachelor current course. These diplomas allow you to specialize or to professionalize your training for a successful integration. For example, the pro license can be done in original or alternate in various professional sectors. You reach through different courses and you specialize from professionals.

Masters, MBA: discover the specializations

The confusion between the different masters (master academic, specialized masters, master Anglo-Saxon ) is common. To make the distinction and find your way before you register, this show will be the opportunity to present the identity card of these high-level training that attract more and more students. For more than a matter of semantics, these diplomas or labels do not display the same ambitions and are distinguished by their nature, recruitment and origin of their students.

Continue alternating studies

Many schools offer alternate curriculum to offer more opportunities. This formula combines theoretical training and practical course in business as a real work contract. An excellent gateway to the professional world!

A forum with professionals and experts

These educational leaders will be your direct interlocutors. They teach you about their industry, their programs, admissions conditions, competitions For more practical advice, training students will also be available to discuss with you. These contacts allow you to meet a wide variety of professionals and experts that will help you orientate and choose your training.

Finally, a show is also an opportunity to exceed its a priori, and discovered formations which had not necessarily thought of before.


To prepare your visit to the show, do our free online test "for what jobs have you done?" Test designed from the most widely proven valuation models to achieve here!

If you are also looking for a sandwich course, MCAT prep online organize in parallel Sup’Alternance salon Reims. For more information, please visit now on the page of this show.

conference program

Several conferences are organized on the occasion of this exhibition. Animated by a journalist or professional, they are a forum for exchange and discussion between visitors and stakeholders. headmasters of and specialists in the theme, there to answer your questions and help you in your choices.

Find all of the MCAT prep online collection, more than 400 works to properly orient or train.

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