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MCAT prep online Fair of Toulouse Higher Studies

Metro B – Ramonville stop, then Bus 79 – Stop De Gennes

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The lounge MCAT prep online graduate studies in Toulouse in January, is the appointment not to be missed to find its training Bac to Bac +5 and success orientation. Whether you are in Terminal and looking for a higher education, or student (s) and seeking a reorientation or specialization, this show is for you.

You will find all the necessary information to learn more about the curriculum and training that exist and how to prepare for graduate school, and discover sectors and trades that have the coast.

This event is organized with the support of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.


This meeting will be the opportunity to meet many public and private tertiary institutions, representing sectors, levels and diverse specialties: university, IUT, colleges, prépas, CFA (Training Center Sandwich), business schools & engineering colleges, business schools specialized in fields as varied as art, health, iT, tourism, hotel / restaurants, transport and logistics, science, business, marketing , food or even journalism, communication, law, etc.

Professionals at your service

These educational leaders will be your direct interlocutors. They teach you about their industry, their programs, admissions conditions, competitions For more practical advice, training students will also be available to discuss with you. Take the opportunity to ask them what is not on platelets or school websites: ambiance, student life, campus, etc.

These contacts enable you in one day to meet a wide variety of professionals and experts that will help you orientate and choose your training.

Finally, a show is also an opportunity to exceed its a priori, and discovered formations which had not necessarily thought of before.

Alternating all levels of education and business sectors are concerned

Whatever your level of education today, impossible to miss the opportunity to study in alternation: prepare a diploma or a certified title, and spend half his schooling in a business, orders a real job, what better opportunity to make a real work experience?

Special Conference: All about APB

If you spend your Bac this year, further revisions, you must also swim in full or APB Admission Post Bac procedure. Questions likely fuse: am I affected by this procedure and do I have to register on this portal? When should I sign? Are all institutions on APB? When should I go through Admission Post Bac? MCAT prep online gives you a boost and give you appointment at 10:00.

This conference will explain how to formulate and organize your wishes and everything you need to know to make your choice. It will also be the unique opportunity to ask questions to specialists who answer the questions of future graduates as well as parents.

To complete his visit

The Guide Studies of Toulouse Graduate Exhibition will be presented to visitors at the entrance. This annual reference guide details the curriculum of various schools, explains the criteria to prioritize to make the right choice and dissects the system of these organizations so that they no longer have secrets for you. Tips, stories and practical information at hand.

Find the detailed program of lectures by specialists in the direction of the "Conferences" tab. Organized around specific themes (the procedure Admission Post Bac, alternation, the Grandes Ecoles .), They allow to give a voice to education professionals, institutions and students.

To prepare your visit to the show, do our free online test "for what jobs have you done?" Test designed from the most widely proven valuation models to achieve here!

If you are specifically interested in Continuation of study after a Bac + 2 / + 3 / + 4, MCAT prep online organizes in parallel the living room of the Masters Studies Continuation and Toulouse. For more information, please visit now on the page of this show.

free invitation

conference program

Several conferences are organized on the occasion of this exhibition. Animated by a journalist or professional, they are a forum for exchange and discussion between visitors and stakeholders, often school principals or the theme of specialists on hand to answer your questions and help you in your choices ..

Metro B – Ramonville stop, then Bus 79 – Stop De Gennes

Find all of the MCAT prep online collection, more than 400 works to properly orient or train.

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