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MCAT prep online Fair for Training of Health and Sports Limoges


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This event organized in November 2017 with the support of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, is the appointment not to be missed to find its training Bac to Bac +6 and success orientation in the health and sport field. Whether you are in Terminal and looking for a higher education, or student (s) and seeking a reorientation or specialization, this show is for you.

You’ll find all the necessary information to learn more about the curriculum and training that exist in these areas and to prepare your graduate studies, and discover sectors and trades that have the coast.

Health & Social: 200 Tray of training to +6

The health sector provides ample job opportunities: with the lengthening of the lifespan, available positions will become more numerous. Increasing demand for health care, advances in technology, talent shortages are all factors that promote the employment of health professionals.

This show is an opportunity to discover the many courses that lead to exciting careers, whether in medicine, but also in the laboratory, hospital (nurses, radio manipulator, audiologist), in the social field (educators or young children ), etc. And to answer all the questions you ask yourself:

> How to move towards health studies or how to become a doctor?

> How to succeed his year of PACES (common first year health studies), one year to the medical sectors, dental, pharmaceutical and midwife?

> Is a year of prep Health needed? How to choose and how to register?

> Flunk (e) medical or pharma? A reorientation is possible!

> The study nursing: a more practical approach?

> Paramedical training: should a tank S? The prépas an indispensable cap? Can we avoid competition?

> Social work: what combination and what school for what jobs?

Prépas to contest Health, Social Prépas the competition, technical colleges, high schools offering BTS are waiting for you to discover the sectors, occupations and opportunities associated with it.


Sport is about 350 000 people living in France in fields as varied as coaching and animation (monitor and guide sports, coach ), health (physiotherapist, dietician and sports doctor, physical trainer ), sales, education (PE teacher) or management (head of sports marketing, sports journalist, organizer of sports events, ). All these jobs require experienced and passionate professionals. That’s why there are many courses and training to help you achieve it: college, specialized schools Do not miss the opportunity to discover this sector continues to professionalize.

PACES: everything you need to know

To start a course of health, it is essential to go through the first year common to health studies. Objective: reduce the high rate of failure for which the first year of health studies is known. Along this route, some other channels have been implemented to allow students who have not made the PACES joining later a medical curriculum.

On the occasion of the exhibition, these schools tell you all about the specifics of this selective training and opportunities facing without going through this path, or redirection after a failure.

Professionals at your service

Doctors, caregivers, nurses, biologists, psychomotor the many requests each year, while candidates are missing The teaching and officials responsible for competition will present your direct contacts and provide you with information on these sectors that recruit, their programs, admission requirements, competitions for more practical advice, training students will also be available to discuss with you. Take the opportunity to ask them what is not on platelets or school websites: ambiance, student life, campus, etc.

These contacts enable you in one day to meet a wide variety of professionals and experts that will help you orientate and choose your training.

Finally, a show is also an opportunity to exceed its a priori, and discovered formations which had not necessarily thought of before.

MCAT prep online hold together the Graduate Studies and lounge Large lounge Schools Limoges. For more information, please go now to the page of the show: Higher Studies or Grandes Ecoles

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conference program

Several conferences are organized on the occasion of this exhibition. Animated by a journalist or professional, they are a forum for exchange and discussion between visitors and stakeholders, often school principals or the theme of specialists on hand to answer your questions and help you in your choices .

Find all of the MCAT prep online collection, more than 400 works to properly orient or train.

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