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Bus: 84, 92, 93, 163, 164, 165 and PC, stop Porte de Champerret

Parking Indigo – 4 Avenue de la Porte de Champerret

The appointment to find training Excluding APB after a Bac or Bac +1

The 3rd MCAT prep online fair Formations Excluding APB is the appointment not to be missed to find training Excluding APB after a Bac or Bac +1. March 18 at the Espace Champerret you will find all the information about education accessible beyond the PDB portal, as well as their recruitment process.

This fair is organized with the support of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.

For your orientation: also think about training APB Out!

If the PDB procedure has become a gateway to higher education, provided the post-baccalaureate admission gate does not include all the existing training and post-baccalaureate courses. It is therefore appropriate to think as those recognized post-Bac and quality training, up to Bac Bac +5 in initial or alternately.

Bachelor and Bac +1 this show about you

This event is open to future graduates, but not only. You can find answers to your questions if:

you’ll spend the tray and would complement your choice with training that would not be present on the PDB portal;

you will pass the Bac but missed the deadline of 20 March deadline for entering vows on the PDB portal;

Orientation workshops "Beau Travail"

MCAT prep online with his partner "Beau Travail", organized eight workshops of 45 minutes throughout the day. The objectives of these workshops bring you a method to choose your direction and help you to identify the sectors and / or occupations that could match you.

On the stand watch 135 movies "Good Work! "Where professionals show their work in 1 minute and discover the alternating training for access.

200 courses to register again

This show is an opportunity to meet with institutions that are not on PDB that interest you and that part yet.

You’ll find well over 200 courses in different sectors of activity: art, design, science, commerce, transport logistics, human resources, communication, health, IT, tourism, marketing, law, food

This event is also an opportunity to seek advice and to avoid precipitation: what are the criteria to choose well? Choosing the alternation or not? What are the opportunities after the training? What is the role of the International in the curriculum?

Find among these institutions: Atout +3, Autograf Campus Image Foundry, CFA Movement COM’ART, Conte School, Classes Diderot School Ducasse, ECITV, EIML, ESCP Europe, ESME, ESPI, ESTA, ETS European School, Heip, ICAN, IFE, IFOCOP, INGESUP, INSEEC, IPSA, ISA ISFJ, ISCOM, ISEFAC Bachelor, ISG, ISRP, Medici BS, MOD’ART, OSTEOBIO, Preparing a School of Art, SUPExam, Sup’Internet , Sup’Ostéo, and many more

The list of these institutions is not exhaustive.

Learn all about the bachelors and integrate one of these 9 Colleges: Bachelor Audencia, Burgundy School of Business (ESC Dijon), EM Normandie, EM Strasbourg, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Groupe ESC Clermont, ICN Business School, La Rochelle Telecom Business school and school of management appointments on the stand contest Atout +3!

Workshop "How to prepare an art school APB Out

– The book and the letter should reflect the personality of the student, his creative potential, his ability to work.

A number of school you want to integrate, besides your school reports, asked to provide a record of your work and research. This file will often be accompanied by a cover letter and will serve as base for an interview with a jury. There is not a book but books.

More information, visit our workshop discussion on the stand 237 from 11:45 to 12:30 and from 2:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m..

Professionals at your service

Education officials of these institutions will be your direct interlocutors. They will tell you their programs, markets, their admissions conditions, competition, For more practical advice, training students will also be available to discuss with you.

These contacts allow you to meet a wide variety of professionals and experts that will help you orientate and choose your training.

Note that MCAT prep online organize parallel Sup’Alternance the living room. For more information, please visit now on the dedicated page.

conference program:

Prompted by a reporter, these conferences are a forum for exchange and discussion between visitors and stakeholders, often headmasters or thematic specialists who are there to answer your questions and help you in your choices .

conference program

– 10h30-11h30: Orientation: what to do when I do not know what to do. Hosted by

You are lost on the way forward after your tray? You do not know what training do and what to steer you? The advisors invite you to ask the right questions before you choose your training institution at custom orientation workshops.

– 12h00-13h00: The Applied Arts APB out studies: manual. Hosted by Preparing art school

What to choose prep School of Art you want? Prepare a training art school and directs you advice on the different devices as possible to include an art school.

– 14h00-15h00: BBA: what opportunities and what recognition in France and abroad? Hosted by INSEEC

The BBA, high school diploma equivalent trade on a ferry + 3 is highly prized in the labor market. INSEEC presents his BBA, which is distinguished by its international orientation and the available market opportunities.

Bus: 84, 92, 93, 163, 164, 165 and PC, stop Porte de Champerret

Find all of the MCAT prep online collection, more than 400 works to properly orient or train.

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