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All surveys confirm, having a Master is the promise of guaranteed markets. This degree provides a solid theoretical training while preparing for working life. But how to choose among the thousands of degrees? How to pass the selection tests? Is it possible to pursue studies after? We tell you everything.

Do not miss a unique opportunity to come to the level of training of hundreds of meeting Bac + 4 / + 5 and 6!

For this appointment in one of MCAT prep online Shows Masters 2, Specialized Masters & MBA near you. On site, many institutions are there to present their chains!

The term Master hides an infinite range of courses: the Master as rank or Master as degree, international programs, those recognized and targeted, and those who are not yet enrolled in RNCP , masters and masters attention to the misuse of language!

Before making your choice, so it is to learn to distinguish between the different masters, Specialized Masters (MS) and Masters of Science (MSc). You will then have all the keys to search and find LA training that matches your professional goals.

Real watershed year, the Master 1 is the first year of the Masters, National Diploma and Higher Education degree. The M1 does not get a degree in itself, but provides the student with a bac + 4 and an additional 60 ECTS credits, or 240 ECTS credits in total.

1 The Master prepares mainly to the university, but also in engineering schools, some trade schools, IEP, national art schools, etc. Note that only those establishments must receive authorization from the State to confer the rank of master.

Master 1 consists of 2 semesters. The volume of the course is often less important than license because it allows time for research activities and / or periods of work and or alternately. The lessons are divided between theoretical contents, methodological and applied in the specialty chosen by the student, as well as language courses. The student is responsible for writing a memory, it is then followed by tutor regarding the choice and development of the subject, then thinking and writing of memory.

Like the license, each semester leads to an examination in each teaching unit, in the form of continuous assessment and / or partial. A note is also attributed to the end of the defense of memory and / or the probation report.

Monday, December 19 2016, the National Assembly finally adopted, without modifications, the original Senate draft bill, presented by Jean-Léonce Dupont (UDI-UA – Calvados) and others, adapting second cycle of French higher education Licence-Master-Doctorate system. This bill seeks to establish a specific procedure in the second round and entry permits universities to condition access to M1. It introduces however a "right to the pursuit of studies" after the license and specifies that M2 access is right for all students who have completed six months of his first year.

In other institutions (engineering schools, trade, arts ), this first year of the Master is accessible on selection, which is done after examining the file, through parallel admissions, interviews of motivation, testing

Read more: Universities, agreement on selecting the entry into master and a right to the pursuit of studies

Since he can not get a degree, the M1 is not an end in itself. Also, choose to integrate into the workforce is not necessarily interesting. Better to pursue a second year (Master 2) to validate the Master’s degree.

Attention to the university in the passage M2 does not happen automatically! Currently some Masters 2 pick, others do not If you have to submit an application, which will be accepted or not, depending on your application, consider the need to seriously address M1 this year to do not you close doors then.

After the M1, you can also decide to integrate a business school or engineering, through parallel admissions. This strategic choice will allow you to get a master at the school’s name and benefit from the opportunities of its network.

The Master 2 or M2 is the 5th year of higher post-baccalaureate studies. Since the advent of the LMD system in 2005, it replaces the former DESS (for professional Master) and DEA (Master for research). Both degree and diploma, it validates a BA + 5 with 300 ECTS credits, and obtain a skill level recognized by companies. The Master is a true springboard to working life!

University, business schools, engineering schools, Sciences Po and IEP, special schools, etc: there are many institutions that offer these degrees of BA + 5. There are so close to 7000 titles of Masters in France.

How to choose ? First by asking the right questions and following our advice. Get to the point as to whether you want to refer you to a university master, or a great school via the parallel admissions. For that, get to [make the difference between a Master, a Specialized Master (MS) or Master of Science (MSc) and study your options to see which one best fits your project. If you want to give an international touch to your curriculum, you can also choose to do your Master in a foreign university.

"Applied Biotechnology Blue": the next Master 2, University of La Rochelle

"This Master aims to promote the taking of height and setback in a digital ecosystem that is constantly evolving" – Interview IÉSEG

New MSc in Data Analytics & Digital Business at EDHEC

ESDES developing its offering alternating with a major new "Marketing and Digital Business"

The objective of the Master 2 is to lead the student to either employment, allowing them to specialize and become more professional; or to education and advanced research. Depending on the project, students will therefore have to choose between a "research master" which leaves room to theoretical deepening especially around the writing of a dissertation, or a professional master. The year consists of courses, a business internship period, which can range from 3 to 6 months, and a dissertation. More and more institutions offer to perform this last year alternately.

At the university, each of the 2 semesters of the M2 is the subject of a final exam, as partial. The validation of diploma is also conditioned by the results obtained in the defense of the thesis and / or internship report. In school, validation master is based on the continuous monitoring and sometimes final examinations, including oral. So at Sciences Po, you have to pass the famous and feared "oral exam"!

At the university, one admission to Master 2 is not automatic. This is to enable a student holds a Master Level 1 M2 apply the most suitable for the project (see the 10 criteria to choose his training).

For this, we must build an application with the master of notes 1 and sometimes license, but a letter. An interview can complement the study of the file. In schools, admission often takes place on entrance examination (the Tage Mage in business school). See our tips for a successful graduate admissions, especially if you want to integrate an M2 at Sciences-Po.

After a Master 2, the company’s doors are wide open, especially if you got a professional Master. This degree not only offers wide opportunities but also interesting prospects in terms of quality job and career. Discover then what place is given to the labor market for holders of a bac + 4 / + 5 in areas such as hospitality, human resources, environment, management, transport and logistics, banking and insurance, marketing, agribusiness, management and finance or iT and digital

You can also choose to continue your education, especially if you want a double competence. You can then choose another Master 2 and then integrate a large school to get a Specialized Master, Master of Science, or an Executive MBA. These courses are often expensive but prove a real asset to your career. And if the search you are interested you can also embark on a doctorate.

What are the best institutions and / or Master’s degree? Get to the point with the annual survey of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research Masters: what are the best universities? . There are also rankings, however they must be taken with tongs, or at least not be the only selection criterion: The rankings of 3rd cycles: to take or leave? .

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