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Making the right without his tray: the right capacity

Make no mistake: that the only condition for access to the right capacity of the age and not the level, the training content is deemed difficult.

The ability in law is not a professional degree, it does not prepare for careers in law. In fact, the capability learn basic legal concepts in a general legal education, a sort of overview of all application areas of specialty.

Holders of the right capacity can then integrate L1 or L2 to, or DUT Legal Careers.

The preparation is a two-year period, it is followed by evening classes in UFR (training and research units) of right concerned by correspondence Cned (National Centre for Distance Education) or private centers. The lessons are taught by professors and professionals.

The first year is an introduction to private law (120 hours) and public law (60 hours). At the end of the year take place a written exam and an oral exam. For those who have no qualifications, the task can already be difficult, but not insurmountable.

The second year offers a range of courses much more diversified program: Civil Procedure and process of implementation (38 hours), criminal law and criminal procedure (38 hours), economics (38 hours) and Special Administrative Law (30 hours) for compulsory subjects, a private notary (38 hours), labor law (38 hours). And options, which vary from a preparation center to another, such as tax law, labor or real estate, for example. As at the end of the first year, a written exam and an oral sanction the past year.

What further studies?

With an average score of 10 out of 20 across both years, the capability is seen exempted Diploma tray to integrate L1 Law. The best, namely those who obtain an average of 15 to 20, can directly integrate L2: what motivate you!

Alternatively, with an average of 12 to 20, move toward a DUT (University Technology Diploma) legal and judicial careers.

To those who do not wish to wait to embrace the professional world, know that the capacity can open for legal secretary positions at a notary or lawyer. There are also openings in the banking, real estate or insurance but you will be in direct competition with graduates bac + 2 passed by specialized BTS. Then again, nothing is impossible, the right opportunity that may arise in capability freshly recently graduated law. Last outlet possible: some competition for the Public Service category B, such as those of police lieutenant or clerk.

Our personal and professional experiences we inculcate knowledge that is now recognized by recruiters. Indeed, higher education institutions can now validate this knowledge, through the process of validation of acquired experience (VAE).

VAE is used to assign the component units of the training program. To apply you must have experience relevant to the exercise, continuous or not, for a cumulative period of at least three years of salaried, non-salaried or voluntary.

The registration process, in turn, takes place in several stages: the removal and deposit of the application (including the validation application file), the file review by the university, then the test of ability which is used to verify the knowledge and personal skills of the candidate.

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