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Logistic transport

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People and goods are brought to browse the entire planet, providing sectors of transport and logistics major opportunities. If you want to train you in these trades, many opportunities open to you, from the CAP to bac + 5. Here is all the information that will help you complete your project.

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truck driver, paramedic, station manager, maintenance engineer, logistics manager, air traffic controller, a naval officer, electronics engineer of aviation safety systems (IESSA) The transport sector and logistics offers many opportunities , depending on the course you have chosen. Here is a short overview of the possibilities offered by this sector.

It is possible to move towards the transport sector and logistics at the end of the college through the vocational route. Several CAP transportation logistics allow you to train you in two years for passenger transport business, delivery of goods, but also their receipt, sorting, packaging, etc.

You can complete your training by obtaining two years of a professional tray. It is also possible to spend a year in an additional comment in transport logistics.

Have a higher level of technician offers interesting opportunities in this sector. degree side, there is the BTS Transport and logistics services which allow two years to acquire cross-trained to become technical assistant operating in the transport sector, or access the commercial sector.

Alternatively the DUT logistics and transportation management whose objective is to train professionals capable of assuming responsibilities in logistics services business and in transportation services companies.

The university also prepares for careers in transport and logistics, at different levels. Directly accessible after the bin, the general license does not fit on the labor market, but it opens up the master. There are no chain directly linked to this sector but you can opt for computer license, [science and technology or even languages ​​(LEA, LLCE). You can then specialize once master.

For those who seek the aviation sector, you can prepare the DESEGTA (graduate degree in economics and management of air transport) to the academic training and Research Institute of Air Transport (IFURTA) in Aix-Marseille III .

If you already have a bac + 2, you can integrate a professional license such as management of the supply chain management or international trade.

To form the trades of transport and logistics, you can also choose to go through a specialized school to prepare many BTS or certified securities. You can also turn to some engineering schools. These institutions are likely to offer Master level degrees, as well as Specialized Masters or MBA.

Are the transport and logistics sector dynamic and they recruit? What are the flagship business and know good opportunities? Discover our section dedicated to the craft sector Transport Logistics, which takes stock of the main figures of the sector, the way forward, but also sheets dedicated to each business to opt for one that suits you best!

English transport and logistics

You move in the world of transport and logistics and you want to expand your business vocabulary and your knowledge of English? This book is for you! A true professional tool that brings the keys and linguistic elements needed to communicate and work in English in the world of transportation and international logistics.

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