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Integrate IAE after Bac, a +2 or +3

of Business Administration Institutes (IAE)

The Institutes of Administration of Enterprises are management schools attached to universities. They help prepare and obtain a Master’s degree in the fields of trade, marketing, HR, finance and are accessible after a +2 or +3 or Tray. Back on the admission procedures depending on your level.

You want to integrate a IAE? There are different entrances, depending on your level of education and qualifications already acquired. These schools show indeed will attract different profiles, with different backgrounds, rich sources for business.

"Companies are tired of overly standardized profiles, confirms Christian Défélix, Director of IAE Grenoble. At IAE, we can form until bac + 5, after extremely varied courses, humanities, technology, or law. This variety is the essence of the distinctive value of IAE within higher education in management. "

Some IAE offer admission to graduates (or holders of an equivalent qualification, as the USDA). This is the case for example of IAE Lyon, Nancy Savoie or where students integrate AES license or Economics and Management for two or three years before starting the cycle in IAE.

Benefits for you: you get your place for IAE without having to go the score IAE Message, and you validate a university bachelor’s degree. However, this requires having a professional project already defined at that stage of your orientation and a good academic record.

To register, you must go through the website Admission Post-Bac and download the IAE registration folder in which you wish to apply. It will return the application form with supporting documents requested on the website "post-baccalaureate admission."

Although this is not the standard "classic" recruitment of IAE, they are increasingly likely to offer this gateway to +2. This is for a BTS diploma, or DUT License 2 AES or another specialty Economics and Management.

If you are admitted, you join the 3rd year of AES license or guardianship Economics from the University of Management, and thus get your degree recognized +3 before continuing with the Master cycle at IAE. This also gives you the opportunity to refine your career plan, to decide what specialty of Master you want to do next.

Admission is on (good) record and possible interview. Obviously the prosecution IAE depends on your success at year end and therefore partial validation of your license.

A book will help you to put the odds on your side: The Bible’s Message Score IAE (MCAT prep online editions, 3rd edition, 2013).

Integrate IAE after a +3

This is the level of recruitment that can be found for all the IAE. It is open to all students who have completed a university general license (rarely a pro license), a business school Bachelor or other recognized training level +3 (180 ECTS credits).

Admission will be based not only on your back or on your route, but first on your test results Score IAE Message (SIM). This test can be taken at different times of the year (anticipate sufficiently in order to accompany your your results file). It consists of written tests multiple choice questions in general knowledge, English, French and logical reasoning. The SIM Registration is unique regardless of the number of IAE in which you are applying. Moreover, some IAE ask you in addition to passing another test: the Tage Mage.

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Integrate IAE after Bac, a +2 or +3

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