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Inscriptions BTS: it must go through post-baccalaureate admission!

To facilitate admission procedures, registration for BTS are done only on the portal

The website of the Ministry allows you to inform you about the different formations and especially to your student requests for proceedings in BTS. You can through this portal to apply for various training classifying them by preference and following stages.

Enter your applications on the website

To register BTS at a high school, so you should direct you to the site in the second quarter of the school year (from 20 January to 20 March) to enter your nominations. You will find extensive information on the various BTS on the site. However, nothing prevents you to visit the site of the institutions with BTS sections.

Many BTS sections have their own site, often due to the work of the students themselves. This is a convenient way to collect information on course content, exams, internships.

After classifying your applications according to your preferences (through May 31), you can download your greeting cards and documents to be attached to your application form. The latter consists essentially of your transcripts from the second to the terminal and a notice of the class council. For more information on the constitution of the file, see register BTS. Please note that the deadline for sending paper files is Friday, April 1st.

Then you will know if you are admitted and confirm your decisive choice in mid-June. If you have not received a proposal for admission, do not panic! You can apply for vacancies from your electronic file by following the "additional procedure".

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