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Industrial Engineering Engineer

Guarantor of the strategy dictated by management, industrial engineering engineer a mission more exciting. It must implement an innovative product concept, of course, meets a need.

The daily life of an engineer industrial engineering

CCET multi-talented engineer is responsible to develop and design the process to optimize the use of means of production and information flows in a continuous improvement approach. The industrial engineer must now also meet the environmental and social requirements of its customers. Faced with the competition that companies engage in national and international scale, this expert is highly sought. Its technical and scientific knowledge allow it to be enjoyed in many sectors of the economy.

A wise manager

In addition to innovate, and thus allow for example his company to win new markets, industrial engineering engineer, manages to see several teams depending on the size of the business. To him and to arrange maintenance function to limit costs. It also controls the stakeholders in the supply chain (supply chain) from producers of raw materials to the end user through all the intermediate (processors, wholesalers, transporters ). His expertise in management and economics is used daily to him, as his knowledge of mathematics and computer tools.

If a +5 tray is imperative, two paths are possible, a course in general engineering school or a school of engineering specializing as Industrial Engineering School of Grenoble.

Large groups, SMEs and SMIs tend her arms. It may as opportunities and tastes move towards the computer and electronic equipment sector, automotive, aerospace, agri-food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics

professional development of industrial engineering engineer

After becoming an engineer industrial engineering, the future prospects are numerous: Director of engineering, production, R & D, or even responsible method.

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